Segizbaeva Kenzhegul

  • + Department of Philology
  • + Position: Associate Professor
  • + Scientific degree: Candidate of Philology

In 1984 she graduated Poltava State Pedagogical Institute named after V.G. Korolenko in the specialty "Russian Language and Literature". In 2007 she defended her Ph.D. thesis at the Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumilev on the topic "Changing the active layer of colloquially-colloquial vocabulary in the discourse of the media."

Basic disciplines:

  • Phonetics and lexicology of the Modern Russian Language
  • Practical course of Russian Language
  • Professional Russian Language

The main direction of scientific activity:

  • Study of non-literary Vocabulary in the Media
  • Language Picture of the World

Awards of the teaching staff for 2019: Awarded a diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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