Radchenko Tatyana

  • + Department of informatics, robotics and computer technologies
  • + Position: acting head teacher
  • + Scientific degree: Master of natural sciences


  • 1998-2002. Kostanay state university, specialty "Chemistry", qualification "Chemist, teacher of chemistry and biology"
  • 2003 - 2005. Kostanay state university, specialty "Program and Hardware of Computer Facilities and Networks", qualification "Engineer"
  • 2008-2010. Kostanay state university, Magistracy as "Information scientist" I have also received the academic degree - the master of natural sciences in cipher 6N0602 – Informatics


  • 2002 State school No. 22, teacher of chemistry, biology
  • 2007 – 2010 the teacher Kostanay state pedagogical institute
  • 2010 – December, 2018 the senior teacher Kostanay state pedagogical institute
  • January 2018 August 2018 State "school lyceum No. 1 educational institute of Kostanay akimat", the director deputy on IT
  • September, 2018 – nowadays acting head teacher of ICT and robotic technology in Kostanay state university


  • 2014 the Diploma of Unified National Testing for the organization, professional skill and high responsibility in quality during annual conducting Unified National Testing as the programmer Ministry of Education and Science RK

Scientific and pedagogical activity

  • In order to improve professional skills, she participates in the work of scientific-practical conferences and scientific-methodical seminars of the institute, faculty and department, in international scientific-practical conferences.
  • Manages student research projects to participate in a competition of student innovation projects.
  • Conducts courses for KSPI teachers and teachers of the secondary school of the region and city for the study of modern information technology in education.
  • Member of the international project Erasmus + "Academic" (2016-17).
  • In 2015, she took advanced training courses at the Center for Pedagogical Excellence and the Nazarbayev Intellectual School in cooperation with the University of Cambridge under the program for training trainers from the staff of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • In 2015, she took advanced training courses in the line of the Scientific and Industrial Center “Orleu” in Almaty.

Main scientific publications

  • Have about 50 scientific publications, including manuals, popular articles.


  1. Radchenko T.A. Methodical instructions for holding laboratory researches on discipline of "Information science", KSPI, Kostanay, 2013
  2. Radchenko T.A., Radchenko P.N. Development of a complex electronic means for the distance learning system, KSPI, Kostanay, 2014
  3. Radchenko T.A. Computer architecture, KSPI, Kostanay, 2015-195 p
  4. Radchenko T.A. Information technologies, KSPI, Kostanay, 2015
  5. Radchenko T.A. Information technologies in education. Electronic textbook. KSPI, Kostanay, 2017

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