Podavets Olga

  • + Department of Philology
  • + Position: senior teacher
  • + Scientific degree: -

Graduated from the Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute in 1985 with Honors in the specialty: "Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages", qualification "Teacher of English and German Languages". She teaches the following disciplines: Stylistics, Project-based learning in the basic school, Professionally-oriented English. Podavets O.D. has more than 30 publications.

Professional development:

  • "Enhancing Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (ELTHE)" course at the University of Newcastle, UK in 2014; "Professional development program for teachers of pedagogical specialties within the Universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (240 hours). ORLEU
  • « Multimedia didactic environment: how to use innovative technologies applied to teaching» (72 hours) 2016.
  • Four week online course «CREATING ENGAGING ENVIRONMENTS FOR ENGLISH LANGUAGE CLASSROOMS» American English Institute, University of Oregon June 2016


  1. Practical course of preparation for IELTS and TOEFL international examinations Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute 2012; ISBN 978-601-7371-19-7
  2. "English Stylistics" -Courses of lectures on the stylistics of the English language Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute 2014; ISBN 9788-601-7305-33-8;
  3. Second foreign language B2 (ENGLISH). Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute 2015; ISBN 978-601-7305-12-3 in co-authorship with O.V. Gerok-Erzhanova;
  4. «PLAGIARISM AND WAYS OF ITS AVOIDANCE» (ENGLISH) Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute 2016 ISBN 978601-7839-12-3


  1. In 2000, Podavets was awarded with a badge of "Excellent worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan" education.
  2. In 2014 .. Podavets O.D. was awarded with a breastplate "Y. ALTYNSARIN"

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