Pchelkina Tatyana

  • + Department of Philology
  • + Position: associate professor
  • + Scientific degree: candidate of Philology

 Graduated from Kostanay state pedagogical institute in 1986, speciality: "teacher of the russian language and literature". she defend a dissertation of the theme "Hero and autor in prose of Kuprin (typology and structure)."

Basic discipline: Ancient literature, introduction to literary studies, russian literature of 18 century, russian literature of the beginning 20 century, theory of literature.

Master's programme: Problems of prosody, aesthetic teachings of 19-20 centuries.

Elective disciplines: Author's position and methods of its aspect in Russian prose at the age 19-20 centuries history of Russian literary criticism.

She has more than 35 articles, 2 study guide, 1 electronic study guide.

Awards of the teaching staff for 2019: Awarded the badge of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Main area of focus scientific interests:

  • 1. Authors problem of self-expression.
  • 2. Understanding of creative process of the beginning of the 20 th century

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