Ismagulova Gulnar

  • + Department of Philology
  • + Position: рrofessor
  • + Scientific degree: candidate of Philology

She is an author of more than 80 scientific-methodical publications, including 10 study guides and 8 research papersin international journals.


  • 1989 – Almaty Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages, speciality «German and English languages»
  • 2005 - postgraduate study in 10.02.20 Comparative-Historical, Typological and Contrastive Linguistics (Tumen, Russia)
  • 2015 - the graduation from ASPI on speciality "Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages"
  • 2017 - the graduation from KSU (Master’s degree) in "Foreign philology"


  • Practical Grammar (FirstForeign Language),
  • Foreign language,
  • Basic foreign language in the context of intercultural communication,
  • Practice of oral and written speech.

1990-2017 - scientific internships in Germany, the Great Britain, participation in the work of the Germanist Congress in Shanghai, Freiburg, Baku, Berlin.

Actively cooperates with international academic organizationsDAAD, Goethe Institute.

Scientific interests: gender linguistics, intercultural communication, professionally-oriented foreign language.

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