Evdokimova Olga

  • + Department of Russian Language and Literature
  • + Position: associate professor
  • + Scientific degree Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

In 1997 she graduated Kostanay State University named after A. Baytursynov, specialty is a teacher of Russian Language and Literature. In December 2008, the defense of the Ph.D. thesis on the topic "Building the skills of tolerant interaction among students of a technical college" was held. " she passed the refresher courses under the program "Mediation as an institution for public consent and strengthening of civil identity" with the receipt of a certificate (G. Astana) from 5 August to 7 August , 2015. He has the following state awards: a letter of thanks from the President "For a significant contribution to strengthening national unity and social harmony, consistent service to the humanistic ideals of good, spiritual development of society" (On 19 June, 2015) and a letter of thanks from the head of the secretariat of the regional Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan "For an active participation in the implementation of the mega-project "Road map of peace and harmony" in the framework of the celebration of the Year of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan "(On 23 October , 2015).

Basic disciplines:

  • Russian language
  • Professional Russian language

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