Esirkepova Kenzhegul

  • + Department of Philology
  • + Position: associate professor
  • + Scientific degree: candidate of Philology

Yesirkepova Kenzhegul Kabylgazykyzy is a candidate of philological sciences, associate professor. She graduated from Semei State University after Sh.Kudaiberdyev in 1996. In 2006, under the scientific supervision of the Doctor of Philological Sciences, professor B.Shalabaev in Astana, in Euro Asian University after Leo Gumilev she completed and defended her Candidate dissertation on the theme "Linguistic peculiarities of the 1960-1980s poetry by Kazakh women poets (on the basis of the creations by F.Ongarsynova, M.Aitkozhina, K.Akhmetova, A. Baktygerejeva)"

She is the author of 1 monograph, 2 educational aids, 1 educational methodical manual, and 25 scientific publications.

In 2005-2006 she was awarded with an Honorable Certificate for her contribution into science development by the Rector of Kostanai State Pedagogical Institute. She has also been awarded three Letters of Gratitude by the Rector of Kostanai State Pedagogical Institute for her contribution into education and brining-up process of the students. In 2010 on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and organizers of the republican contest "Ana Tili Sultany" and "Ana Tili Aruy" she was awarded with a Letter of Gratitude for her contribution into training and brining-up students in the spirit of patriotism and love to their native language. She has also been awarded with a Letter of Gratitude from the "Ozat" school for gifted children of Kostanai city for her high quality training of school students for their Olympiad in the Kazakh Language.

Qualification: A teacher of the Kazakh Language and Literature

Main basic subjects taught:

  • "Stylistics of the Kazakh Language",
  • "Cognitive Linguistics".

Elective courses taught:

  • "Socio linguistics",
  • "Linguistic analysis of a literary text",
  • "Word art of the teacher"

The main scientific interests: Linguistics (Stylistics).

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