Burmagina Larisa

  • + Department of Philology
  • + Position: Senior teacher
  • + Scientific degree: -

She graduated from the Kostanai State University in 1993 with the specialty: "Foreign Language: two foreign languages", qualification "Teacher of German and French Languages".

Basic disciplines:

  • Second foreign language
  • Methodology of foreign language education
  • Literature of the country of the studied language

Elective disciplines:

  • Home reading

Forms of advanced training and the publication of teaching aids, scientific articles:

  • Courses "Internal audit of the quality management system" 19.03.2008 Kostanai, KSPI
  • Training courses for teachers of the German language 06.06-2010-11.06.2010 Goethe Institute Rudny
  • Participation in the round table "Teacher of a new format: the culture of speech and translation skills" in Kokshetau
  • Scientific and practical seminar "Actual problems of psycholinguistics, theory of intercultural communication and translation theory" Kokshetau
  • Participation in the methodological seminar on the topic: "FormationenFLE" 10.11.2011 Kostanai, the Embassy of France in Kazakhstan and KGPI
  • Textbook "Second foreign language A1-A2 Burmagina LA, Doshchanova B.М. Rakhmetova AA Kostanai, KGPI, 2012
  • Early schooling in the German language. LA Burmagina. Doschanova BM Kostanay, KGPI, 2009
  • Textbook "The second foreign language В1 Ismagulova GK, Burmagina LA, Doshchanova B.М. Rakhmetova AA Kostanay, KGPI, 2014
  • Methodological manual "Spiritual and moral education of students, Burmagina LA, Rvakhmetova AA, Kostanai, KGPI, 2015
  • Courses on using interactive educational platform «EDMODO» Kostanay, 2015
  • Textbook "The second foreign language B2" Ismagulova GK, Burmagina LA, Doshchanova BM Rakhmetova AA Kostanai, KSPI, 2016
  • Participation in the Goethe seminar of the "Professionally Oriented German Language in Higher Educational Institutions of Kazakhstan", Kostanai, 2016
  • Advanced training "Modern pedagogical technologies" of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan JSC "National Center for Advanced Training" Orleu ", Almaty 2016
  • Participation in the international conference "Globalizing world: socio-economic and political trends in education", Kostanai, 2017

The main direction of scientific activity: "Effective methods of motivation for teaching a foreign language with the use of interactive technologies."

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