Bezaubekova Almagul

  • + Department of Philology
  • + Position: аssociate рrofessor
  • + Scientific degree: candidate of philological sciences

In 1998 graduated from Kostanay State University of A. Baytursynov, faculty of the Kazakh philology.

In 2004 finished a magistracy of Kostanay State University of A. Baytursynov, the academic degree of the master of philology was appropriated.

In 2010 in Almaty, at institute of linguistics of A. Baytursynov defended the master's thesis, as a result the academic degree of Candidate of Philology was appropriated.

Since 2004 works as the senior teacher of the Kazakh language at Kostanay State pedagogical institute.

Has more than 20 publications. Is the author of educational and methodical grants.

In 2012 graduated from advanced training courses of pedagogical workers of the Republic of Kazakhstan in National training center «Orleu» .

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