One of the main directions of state policy of Kazakhstan is startups’ development that the last several years promote many successful projects’ promotion on the international level. The following state support of startups is carried out in Kazakhstan: Tax support, State programs of development; Business incubators and startup accelerators, various competitions on determination the best ideas and so on. Also the support of innovations on the basis of educational institutions is carried out.In KGPU startup projects began to develop rather recently, but their number and quality constantly grows.

On February 5, 2020, as part of the week of educational programs in the direction of training teachers of the Russian language and literature, an event was held dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Abay Kunanbayev (K. Segizbaeva, S.K. Arsaeva). Participants in the competition of creative works were 1st and 2nd year students of the specialty "Russian Language and Literature". The event took place in several stages. At the first stage, students presented their groups, showing creativity.

The round table for World Wetlands Day was held at the Department of Natural Sciences on February 3, 2020.The International Convention on Wetlands was signed on February 2, 1971 to protect wetlands (rivers, seas, lakes, swamps and other water bodies) of international importance (mainly as habitats for waterfowl birds). There are 10 Wetlands of international importance in the Republic of Kazakhstan, of which 4 are located in the Kostanay region. These are the Naurzum lakes, the Zharsor-Urkash lakes system, the Koybagar-Tyuntyugur and Kulagol-Taldykol lakes, where thousands of waterfowl during the period of migration, molting and nesting shelter.

The relevance of the interaction of the training system and labor market requirements was once again emphasized by the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan A. Aymagambetov in January 2020. Currently, employers are actively involved in training personnel, a new generation of professional standards is being formed, elements of dual training, innovative educational technologies are being introduced. On January 20, first-year students of these educational programs began to study the disciplines of "Educational Robotics" and "Sandyk bilim I take resourcestar jasau іdіstemesі" in production.

On January 24, 2020, at 12: 00, the "open day of the faculty of science and mathematics" was held at the natural-mathematical faculty as part of the professional orientation of applicants. The event was attended by students of graduating classes not only in the city (Kostanay, Rudny, Tobyl), but also in district schools. There were about 100 potential applicants. In accordance with the program, students-activists of the NMF spoke to the students, who told about student life in the KSPU named after U. Sultangazin, about opportunities for self-realization in science, sports, mastering foreign languages, etc.

On January 22, 2020, at the Department of natural Sciences of the faculty of natural and mathematical Sciences, a methodological seminar was organized and held with the invitation of the head of the OP center for multilingualism, S. K. Abisheva, faculty's faculty of teaching on the topic «Experience in teaching natural subjects in English». The purpose of the seminar: Discussion of interested parties about the 8-year experience of teaching special subjects of the Department of natural Sciences in English.

In order to implement one of the top-priority strategy of the student recruitment on January 22, 2020, the Department of Philology organized and held an open day for students of Kostanay schools. This event contributed not only an acquaintance with the University, but also provided students with a real chance to make the right choice in determining their future path. The event was attended by more than 80 students from Kostanay schools (№8, №7, №23, №18, №16, №2, №3, №5, №17, №115). The program of the event was highly topical and useful for future applicants. The head of the Department of Philology, candidate of philological Sciences, associate Professor K. Nurmukhametova made a welcome speech. In her speech, she stressed the prestige of the teaching profession, referring to the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "About the status of a teacher", and also noted the importance and necessity of language knowledge as one of the trends of the modern world.

January 22, 2020 a teacher of psycho-pedagogical faculty of the Department of preschool and primary education Ageeva A. A. conducted professional work in the state institution "School-gymnasium Tobyl" Department of education of akimat of Kostanay region. The school organized a meeting in the Assembly hall for parents of graduates of grades 9 and 11. The gathered parents asked their questions. The teacher provided information about the University, educational programs, advantages of studying at KSPU, as well as the main provisions of the new law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "on the status of a teacher".

В период с 13 по 18 января 2020 года в КГПУ им. У.Султангазина прошла ежегодная Спартакиада среди преподавателей и сотрудников КГПУ, посвященная 175-летию А.Кунанбаева. Спартакиада прошла по 9 видам спорта: шашки, шахматы, тоғыз құмалақ, асық ату, дартс, настольный теннис, волейбол, мини-футбол и лыжные гонки. Основная цель Спартакиады - пропаганда здорового образа жизни, комплектования сборной команды КГПУ, выявление сильнейших спортсменов для участия в региональных соревнованиях. Преподаватели и сотрудники приняли активное участие во всех соревнованиях. Лыжные гонки прошли на нашей оздоровительной базе в сосновом бору.

On the 15 of January 2020, the Polylingual Center of the Philology department of the KSPU after U.Sultangazin, organized the master class “Different way to learn: to develop the creativity" for the teachers who teach the special disciplines in English. Kuskadamova K.S.specialist of the Polylingual Centre, the senior teacher of the Philology department was the lector. The teacher Kuskadamova K.S. showed the practical types of learning activities at the lesson, directed for the developing their speech competence in a foreign language.

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