Student years are a wonderful time, a symbol of youth, full life with endless possibilities of a successful start to the profession. Students life is significant and expensive as a period of accumulation of knowledge, the development of new horizons of knowledge. Such dominant characterizes many students, but especially distinguishes a number of motivated students of the specialty 5B011200-Chemistry which trace all opportunities to express themselves in intelligent online competitions. Last academic year was rather productive. Students are the winners of the all-Kazakhstani subject Olympiad “Studio3” in which Yerezhepov Yerzhan (3rd year) has a diploma of Ist degree, Moldasheva Zhanel and Chapaksin Ivan (3rd year) - a diploma of IInd degree, Makhmutova Gaukhar (2nd year) - IIIrd degree diploma.

On May 31, 2019, the final competition of young teachers of our university was held. The mentoring project was initiated by Rimma Chingizovna Bekturganova, advisor to the rector. With the approval of the KSPU rector, the project was supported by the Council of Veterans. The chairman of the Council of veterans Abdykalikova KA actively participated in the project as organizers. and curator of the project Vazheva N.V. In the finals of the competition - five teachers. Mentors, teachers, students came to support them. The Vice-Rector for Research and Strategic Development, Ph.D.-M. Medetov N.A.

On May 30, a student informal conference “Students Talks” was held in the co - working center “Boom Space”. This conference was held in the framework of the program “Rouhani zagyru”. The Inter-University Conference “Students Talks” is an interactive platform for representatives of the student sector, where each speaker shared experiences and ideas worthy of distribution. In their speeches the speakers raised relevant and interesting problems that relate to various aspects of life. Among the speakers were students of our university - Sultan Kozhamberdiev, 3rd year student, and Diana Temirkhanova, 2nd year student, who spoke about the results of their project activities, about the Wonder 7 project and U - SMART Business Incubator in particular.

From 13.05.19-24.05.19 in training workshops of Kostanay State Pedagogical University, advanced training courses “Designing and designing garments” were conducted for teachers, staff and students of the university. Practical classes were conducted in the amount of 45 hours. Developed and conducted courses Senior Lecturer of the Department of Informatics, Robotics and Computer Technologies, master of pedagogical sciences Abdimominova D.K. All students (18 people) at the end of the course presented the results of their activities - finished garments.

Field trip to the steppe plot (Kostnay district) was carried out May 14, 2019 with the participation of foreign partners in the practical stage of the refresher course «Current trends at the assessment of global and local changes of natural ecosystems and the teaching of biological and geographical cycle disciplines». Field practical work participants - Director of the Institute of Soil Science, University of Leibniz (Hannover, Germany), President of the German Soil Scientists Society, Professor Dr. Georg Guggenberger, Senior Researcher Shibistova Olga Borisovna (Leibniz Institute of Soil Science, Hannover, Germany), Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences Bragina Tatyana Mikhailovna, Head of the SRC for Science and International Relations, Master of Biology Marina Aleksandrovna Bobrenko, students of the 2nd and 3rd courses of the specialties “Biology” and “Geography”.

An international seminar on the interim results of the collaborative project of Science Research Centre of Problems of ecology and biology KSPU / REKKS (Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan): «Innovations in the development of methods of sustainable agricultural management in the changing climate in the dry steppes of Kazakhstan and South-West Siberia (ReKKS)», subproject SRC PEB KSPU / ReKKS «Assessment of the impact of land use and climate change on soil invertebrate communities (mesofauna)» was held May 14, 2019 in Kostanay State Pedagogical University.

On May 14, 2019, Director of the Institute of Soil Science, University of Leibniz (Hannover, Germany), President of the German Soil Scientists Society, Professor Dr. Georg Guggenberger, Coordinator of the International Project «Innovations in the development of methods of sustainable agricultural management in the changing climate in the dry steppes of Kazakhstan and South-West Siberia (ReKKS)» and Shibistova Olga Borisovna (Leibniz Institute of Soil Science, Hannover, Germany) attended to Kostanai State Pedagogical University with official visit.

On may 8, a solemn ceremony of opening the memory of the military nurse was held in the victory Park. It was installed for their money pensioner Beck Zhusupov. The idea of creating a monument came to his mind during a family trip to Russia, when he saw a similar monument. The sculpture of the front sister is made of modern plastic, and its height is almost two meters. According to the idea of the author, at the feet of a nurse dog that helped carry soldiers from the battlefields. 2-3 year students of the specialty "History" did not stay aside in a remarkable day.

From April 15 to April 27 at the Faculty of Physical Education. sports and tourism held methodological seminars on writing articles in foreign scientific journals. The seminar was conducted by Professor, Director of the Marketing Department of the Free University of Burgas (Bulgaria), Candidate of Sociological Sciences Lina Anastasova. At lectures, the professor talked a great deal about the requirements for writing articles in international journals, demonstrated the structure of writing a scientific article, and showed examples of correct and incorrect writing. For each item of the proposed structure she analyzed the spelling in detail.

The scientific-practical conference was devoted those topic. It was held at the Department of Russian Language and Literature on April 25, 2019. The work of three sections “Modern Literature”, “Problems of Cognitive Linguistics”, “Actual Questions of the Methodology of Teaching Russian Language and Literature in the Conditions of the Updated Content of Education” was organized within the framework of the conference. The work of the section "Contemporary Literature" was evaluated by the jury members: Pchelkina T.R., Ph.D., associate professor, chairman of the jury.

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