March 19 at the Faculty of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism held an open seminar on the discipline "The legal basis of tourism activity", which was held in the framework of the contest "Young teacher of KSPU". Master of Tourism, a lecturer at the Department of Theory and Practice of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism, Nikita Shkvarenko, in the open lesson of 2 nd year students of the specialty “Tourism” used modern technologies of the educational process. The topic of the open lesson, in accordance with the syllabus, was “Tourist formalities”.

One of the ways to develop communication between the school and the university is the pedagogical practice of students. In the program of practical training, approved by the Department of Pedagogy was asked to hold an open educational event. Lecturer of the Department of Pedagogy, master of humanitarian sciences Yermaganbetova Akbota Zhanalykovna took part in curatorial hours of future teachers who practice in the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of  Physics and Mathematics.

Volunteers of psycho – pedagogical faculty "Good heart" continue their volunteer activities, March 18 2019, Vice-Dean of psychology and pedagogical faculty of Alybaeva G. A., senior teacher of chair of preschool and primary education Zhandauova Sh. E. and students 1, 2 courses of specialty 5B010200-"Pedagogy and Methods of Primary Education", 5B010500-"Defectology" organized and held a theatrical performance dedicated to the celebration of "Nauryz" for children from the Regional centre of development of additional education of Department of education of akimat of Kostanay region.

March 14, 2019 the Department of natural sciences students of 3 course of the specialty «Geography» in cooperation with the curators Baimaganbetova К.T., Kosmukhamedova А.S, organized and held the festive event devoted to the spring holiday Nauryz. Students 1 course of Biology, Chemistry, Geography together with curators Gubenko M.A., Kubeev M. S., Ruchkina G.A., Akhmetova E.B., decorated the foyer of the 8th floor of the Yurt. The celebration was accompanied by concert performances, showing national customs and traditions.

March 13, 2019, an open day was held at the psychological and pedagogical faculty for pupils of graduation classes of schools in the city of Kostanay and Kostanay region. The students were addressed by the Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs of the Psychological and Pedagogical Faculty of AB Salamatova, the heads of the PPF departments. Graduates of schools took an active part in trainings under the guidance of senior teachers of PPF Usebayeva A.Kh., Kairova B.K., Kalinichenko OV, and 1st year students of the specialty "Psychology".

March 13, 2019 at Kostanay state pedagogical University named after U. Sultangazin to implement a programme "Ruhani air" Management on development of languages of akimat of Kostanay region was organized by the "Regional loop". The purpose of the event-promotion of the new Kazakh alphabet, practical mastery of spelling rules of the new alphabet, the formation of writing skills and adaptation to the new alphabet. Students of all specialties of the University took part in writing the dictation. The total number of participants-88 people.

At the World Universiade in Krasnoyarsk on the fifth day of competition on March 6, all fans of the Kazakhstan national team stopped waiting. On this day, our students KSPU, members of the national team in short track. The women's team was represented by Amirgaliyeva Aliya and Bakhytkereeva Kadish, students of the 1st course of the specialty "Physical Culture and Sports". And here he is the long-awaited finish, according to the results of which the women's national team of Kazakhstan on the short track won the "bronze"! In the main final, the Kazakhstan team showed the fourth result. However, the judges decided to disqualify South Korea. Gold medals were for Russian women, and "silver" - Japan.

Congratulations and best wishes in honor of March 8, prepared students of the specialty "Geography" March 6, 19, for teachers of the department of natural sciences. On this day, the guys showed a festive concert: Dandybaev Zhangeldy played on the dombra of the kuy “Aday”, Tobolov Almas read his poem “Nәzіk zhandylar”, dedicated to the female half of the group. Kairatova Nargiza, Orazgali Aizhan, Nurhadiluly Galymbek, Evzhanova Madina lifted the spirits of interesting and fun games.

On March 6, 2019, Samoilov Alexey Alekseevich had an open lesson in the gym on the topic “Using the training process in physical education classes”. The goal of the lesson is the effective development of motor skills with strict regulation and individual dosage. The work was carried out in small groups according to individual tasks. The use of an individual approach in the process of physical education allows to solve the main goal of the pedagogical process of physical culture - the formation of personality, the development of such ideological positions, attitudes towards the training of the upcoming profession as activity, independence, initiative, which will ensure the ability and readiness of the graduate to further life. The main indicator of achievement of an open lesson was involvement in power preparation of students and a lot of positive emotions!

From February 28 to March 3 in the city of Atyrau was held the championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the same category. “Zhekpe-zhek” is translated as “duel”. This ancient Kazakh national form of martial arts, includes wrestling and basic percussion techniques. Now fights are in the same octagon, the fighters are fighting without helmets, in lightweight gloves, on the athletes only shorts, torso naked. Sandibekov Adilzhan, a 2-year student of the specialty "Physical Education and Sport", participated in the national team of the Kostanay region in these competitions.

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