April 12, 2019 in the KSPU within the week of the Department of physical and mathematical disciplines has already become a traditional event called "Mathematical auction". Litsitator (leading auction), represented by associate Professor, c.ph.-m.sc. Demisenov Berik Nurtazinovich, who knows the order and owns the technique of bidding, followed the proposals of students and helped to determine the winner of the auction. At the "auction" exhibited a lot consisting of four dishes, which were prepared by teachers of the specialty "Mathematics". 

On the 12th April, 2019 KSU after Buketov held the National Brain-ring Competition that was dedicated to the celebration of the “The Year of the Youth”, the theme of the game was youth politics. On behalf of our university was presented the “Horizon” team with 6 players in the trip. They are: NaizagarinovaAigerim (4th year PnP), TorybayevZhanbolat (3rd year, Bio), JapashevaMadina (3rd year, Phil), KudabayevDaulet (2nd year, Geo), IdrisovaAidana (2nd year, His) and the captain UtkelbaevJanibek (4th year Phil).

On 12th April the Regional Scientific and Practical Conference “One Step in Research is Hundred Steps in Development” was held at the Branch of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Kostanay. The main task of which was to consolidate young inquisitive researchers from different corners Kostanay region, as evidenced by the crowded assembly hall during the plenary session. Sectional work was carried out in areas each of which represented a particular field of science. The guys represented the results of the joint work with the supervisor, defended them, and proved how valuable their work was. 

On April 12, 2019 Master of humanitarian Sciences, teacher Yermaganbetova Akbota Zhanalikovna conducted an open lesson on the topic "Conflict management in inseparable pedagogical process of the school " with second year students, within the framework of the “Week of the department of Pedagogics” on the subject "Management in Education" in the specialties "FOLaE", "History". During seminar, the teacher clarified and tried to deepen the notion of "conflict management in the inseparable pedagogical process of the school". She focused on types of conflicts arising in the pedagogical staff and ways of their solution. 

On April 12, 2019, a presentation of student projects was held at the Department of Psychology and Defectology as part of the implementation of the «Ruhani zhangyru» program. The event was moderated by: R.A. Nazmutdinov, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology and Defectology, Candidate of Psychology, R.A. Satybaldina, Master of Education, Lecturer, Department of Psychology and Defectology.The purpose of creating problem groups was the development of scientific, educational and research interests of students, the implementation of the research potential of the faculty, the solution of a number of theoretical and applied problems.

On Thursday, April 11 at 14.30 began a creative event "Physics-lyrics". The purpose of the event: to promote the development of creative potential of students majoring in "5B011000 - Physics", emancipation, team building. At the beginning of the event acting head. Department Telegina O. S. summed up the Olympics on physics and astronomy, held on Tuesday 9 April. Results of the Olympiad: 1st place – Bakhytova Akerke (Phys-16-11) 2nd place: Kuanyshbaevf Nursulu (Phys-16-11), Ustimirova Laura (F15-21) 3rd place: Cense Begaiym (F16-11), Urmanov Risaldi (Phys-16-21), Kasymbekova Aigerim (Phys-15-21)....

This year, on April 11, the 19th solemn presentation of the “Kazyna” and “Shabyt” prizes was held to the Kostanai Club of Patrons of Arts in such areas as art, science, journalism, culture, etc. Achievements in the field of culture are awards and achievements in the field of culture at the city, regional, republican and international levels. Amirkhamzin Nauryzbay Kasengaliyevich, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Arts, won the Shabyt Award in the category “Head of the Creative Team”.  Nauryzbay Kasengaliyevich is the head of the "Nur әyuen" dombra studio at the City School of Children's Art. The studio is a repeated winner of international, republican and regional competitions.

On 11th April a master class "Non-traditional lessons of literature" was conducted by a graduate of the Faculty of Philology Savicheva Elena Yuryevna. Savicheva Elena Yuryevna finished the university in 2014, after successfully entered the magistracy in the RSPU named after Herzen (St. Petersburg) and got a job in GBOU school № 684 "Bereginya". The purpose of this event is to tell about non-standard lessons of literature, to share pedagogical experience, to instill interest and desire to work in the pedagogical field.

On 11th April a motivational meeting with a graduate of the Faculty of Philology took place at the Faculty of Philology. Savicheva Elena Yuryevna finished the university in 2014, after successfully entered the magistracy in the RSPU named after Herzen (St. Petersburg) and got a job in GBOU school № 684 "Bereginya". A graduate of the Faculty of Philology has experience not only in teaching Russian language and literature, but also has experience in educational work, she is the head teacher for educational work at school.

April 11, 2019 students of the club "Sayakhat", specialty "Geography" of the Department of natural Sciences held an event dedicated to the 120th anniversary of academician Kanysh Satpayev. In the framework of the anniversary of the event, students and faculty of the Department watched the film "the Academician Kanysh Satpayev: the Identity on a planetary scale", listened to the reports of students Orazgali Aizhan, Kairat Nargiz piece was also presented the exhibition of scientific works of the ILC Foundation of the University. The result of the event was a quiz game "Life and scientific activity of K. Satpayev".

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