On March 5, 2020, at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, at the Department of Natural Sciences, a round table discussion "Presentation and discussion of the educational program" Biology "for undergraduate and graduate programs" was held. The aim of the round table was to popularize the educational program "Biology" and discuss the contents of the program. Active participation in the round table was taken by stakeholders, teachers of educational institutions of the city of Kostanay (representatives of School-Lyceum No. 1, IT Lyceum "Ozat", School No. 17, No. 5, No. 6, Physics and Mathematics Lyceum), as well as a team of biology teachers Nazarbayev Intellectual School of FMN of Kostanay, faculty of OP "Biology", students of 2-3 courses.

Students of the 3rd year of the specialty "Chemistry" on March 5, 2020 prepared congratulations and best wishes for the teachers of the Department of natural Sciences in honor of March 8. On this day, students organized a festive concert. The presenters were: Оrazgaliev Oral (Chem-17-32) and Ismagulova Aigerim (Chem-17-31). Kenshinbek Zhuldyzai, Kasymova Aitolkyn performed the song "Asil azhem". The festive concert was also attended by students of "Bilim-innovation Lyceum" Abdrakhmanov Ghaziz and Amirgali Azat sang the song in turkish "Omuzumda aglayan bir sen" under the guidance of 4th year student Zhienbayev Toktasyn.

The second competitive view of the VIII Winter Universiade was curling. Competitions were held in Almaty at the Almaty Arena stadium. Team of Kostanay State Pedagogical University named after U. Sultangazina presented a team of boys and a team of girls for this type.Curling competitions were attended by students of the track and field specialization who did not own this sport professionally.

Nowadays, when information technologies are developing at a rapid pace, the visual system is constantly experiencing increased loads. The increased volume of educational material, working with a computer, as well as General diseases, lack of exercise, and hereditary predisposition can lead to visual impairment. Taking into account the above, on March 4, 2020, 2nd-year students of the faculty of science and mathematics of KSPU. U. Sultangazin "Biology" of the Kazakh branch under the leadership of senior lecturer, Sundikova J. T. as part of the implementation of the social project "We are for a healthy lifestyle", the event "Koz - adamnyn aynasy" was held, aimed at preserving the vision of students.

March 4, was a crisp desk with workbooks, guides and students of 3,4 courses training program "Tourism". The program of the desk includes the list of the problems of the development of the programs and the updating of the educational programs on the basis of the professional practical students of "Tourism". At the round table was presented by the travel agents of the company `` Best KZ '', `` DAN '' RC, the hostess of the hostel business `` Ostrov '', the hostel of the `` Golden Feast '', which was a regional subscript of the local tourist information. Abdallina A.A. The fact is that these four areas are based on the realization of the "Tourism" program.

In the period from February 27 to March 3, 2020, the regional competition of innovative projects among students of schools and colleges “Youth and Innovations - 2020” was held for the first time in the Kostanay State Pedagogical University named after U. Sultangazin. This event was organized by the U-Smart Business Incubator in order to promote the disclosure of the innovative and entrepreneurial potential of youth, the active involvement of school and college students in project activities, and to increase the level of competence of young innovators. More than 70 applications were received for consideration by the tender commission. 

Students of the Kostanay State Pedagogical University named after U. Sultangazin, along with participation in the VIII Winter Universiade among Kazakhstani universities, where they have already established themselves quite well, demonstrating team spirit and the will to win, took part in the championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan in outdoor curling. Both male and female KSPU teams took part.However, the women's team in this sport achieved high achievements. 12 teams took part in outdoor curling competitions, our girls beat almost all the teams, losing only to the team from Mangistau. The high achievements of our female athletes are the result of regular training, good fitness and the will to win.

So the pedagogical practice of the 3rd year students of the educational program "Physical Culture and Sports" has ended. Professional practice is the most important factor in the formation of professional excellence of students. It is here that students see what they are capable of, they can work with students, they see themselves in the future as educators. Pedagogical practice allows you to create a system of practical skills, identify existing gaps in knowledge, draw a clear parallel between theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Students of the 3rd year of the educational program "Physical Culture and Sports" went through practice in twelve schools of the city of Kostanay. Over the three weeks of teaching practice, students conducted an average of 30 lessons, and individual students conducted more than 50 lessons. At the same time, students conducted lessons, starting with the initial level and ending with high school.

On February 28-29, 2020, the city held competitions in ski tourism technology. The competition was attended by 8 teams: 4 teams from KSPU named after U. Sultangazin Omega, Alpha, Voyage and Kairat and 4 teams from schools in the city of Samruk (School No. 3), School No. 15, Solnyshko (School No. 30), School 30. As part of the competition, the participants competed in the ski tourism technique: in climbing in a predetermined way along a slope, orienteering, bivouac works, serpentine, descent with braking in a given sector, slalom descent, working with a map, knowledge of the topographic sign and knots. These competitions were organized by the faculty of the faculty TiPFKSiT Ogienko N.A., Ogienko I.V., Malshakova V.V. And so the forces of students 1-3 courses of the specialty Tourism.

On February 28, 2020, at the faculty of pedagogy and psychology of the Umirzak Sultangazin Kostanay state pedagogical University, a competition "intra-University selection stage of the XI subject Olympiad" was held among students of 2-3 courses of the specialty "Preschool education and upbringing", organized by the master of pedagogical Sciences Sultanbekova Zhadira Khamitbekovna. 5 teams participated in the competition. The competition was divided into the following stages: creative competition "status of a modern educator", Presentation of the teams themselves, competition of the creative project "Horizon of professional skill of the educator - model 4K", dramatization of fairy tales "journey into the world of fairy tales", theoretical competition "Жүзден жүйрік" tests.

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