Methodical week of the Department of Foreign Languages was held from 2 to 7 April 2012. The main aim of the week was to improve the educational, educational and research activities. Within the week, the department had conducted three open lessons and four educational events. All activities were carried out according to the plan

Nothing prolongs life, like a smile and laugh. So our students have decided to take this chance. In the House of students on April 3 students of the Faculty of Philology had organized an event dedicated to the Day of laughter. At the event, they sang songs, danced and had fun joking.

March 30 in conjunction with the Department of Art Education Department Kostanai region and the regional sports and cultural center held a regional competition for young artists in the visual arts "Jas Daryn". The competition has three categories: drawing, painting, arts and crafts. The jury consisted of the members of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan Shalunova S.I., B.J. Batalov, Izyumova T.V., teachers of the Department of Art Zhusupova D.Zh., Narumova M.V .,Sapiev A.S. The competition teachers of the department of arts, the following workshops: painting on fabric (v. ven. Narumova M.V), acrylic painting on different surfaces (v. ven. Zhusupova D.Zh.), graphics (member of the Theatre Union of Kazakhstan Sapiev A.S.), Computer Aided Design Paint Corel Draw (Master of pedagogy and Psychology Ordasheva M.J.), decorative - applied art (stained glass) (Master of pedagogy and Psychology Grishina G.K).

March 27 at 17:00 at the Department of Arts, a meeting with Sharon Cosgrove, a native of Washington, DC, assistant professor of art at the University of Wilkes (Pennsylvania). Sharon Cosgrove a Master of Fine Arts, University of New Mexico College of Sheppard teaches painting, prints and printmaking. Her paintings and prints are modern realism, built on the canons of traditional and contemporary art. The meeting was held a master class with students of specialty "Fine arts and drawing."

From March 12 to March 17, conducted methodical Week Arts Department. 12.03 at 9:30 with the program MIDI editor «Sibelius», interactive board held an open session on the subject "Choral arrangement" (responsible - Art. Teacher Sayatulekova L.S.). 13.03 at 14:30 Round table with music teachers and educators for Continuing Education "Using music and computer technologies" (responsible - head. Department Sapiev M.S. teacher.Turlubaeva D.K.). 14.03 at 11:30, using multimedia technologies held an open session on the subject "History and Theory of Art" (Executive senior lecturer Narumova M.V.).

February 15 in honor of Valentine's at the Department of English held an event entitled "Let's muddied." Yes, you read everything correctly, this event was similar to the Russian program "Let's get married", but there is no need to get married.

On the 27th of January 2012 International Reseach-to-Practice Conference “Integration process in education: problems and prospects.” took place at Kostanai State Pedagogical Institute. Native and foreign scientists and practitioners in Education and allied sciences were participating in it: Yegorychev Aleksandr Mikhailovich, PhD., Professor of Social Pedagogy Chair at Moscow Humanities and Pedagogy Institute, Manager of Scientific Experts Committee (Regional Public Organisation) “Centre of Innovation Technologies and Social Expertise”, an academician, Vice-President of International Slavic; Mardakhayev Lev Vladimirovich, Doctor of Education, a Professor, Social Pedagogy Chairperson’s deputy at Moscow Humanities and Pedagogy Institute, Vice-President of Social Teachers and Social Workers of Russia, Academician MANPO

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