January 29, 2013 A Course Meeting with the 2nd year students on specialty 5B011900, which were acted the dean of the Faculty Doroshok E.L, head of the department of Foreign Languages Kudrytskaya M.I, head of the department of practical linguistics Nurmuhametova K.T. was held The agenda:

January 25, 2013 Lecturers and Department of Foreign Languages, Master of Psychology Kudrytskaya E.A. held a seminar on the use of the site www.edmodo.com. The seminar was attended by teachers of the department of foreign languages. Teachers were presented examples of the use of the site:

The first organizational meeting of the Board of supervisors was held on January 17, 2013. Zhakypzhanova Gulsum Sarsenbaevna was appointed as a Chairperson of the Board. At the meeting Gulsum Sarsenbaevna introduced the Regulations of the Board and the competition: "The best group of the faculty of foreign languages"

November 30, 2012 in hall 3 floors, an exhibition of works by students majoring "Fine art and design", dedicated to the Day of the First President. The works of students performed in a variety of visual arts: painting, drawing, arts and crafts. The exhibition includes such genres as still life, landscape sketch, decorative composition. The works were made in the technique of gouache, oil, pastel, watercolor, pencil, guilloche, etc. In the category of work reflects a palette of native land.

Within a week of the department of practical linguistics 19.11.2012 to 25.11.2012 for academic year teachers Aubakirova J.D., M.A.Kostina, Lezhdey G.P. was held readers: "Poetry - master of language." The event was attended by students of the first course of full-time training with the national language.

November 1, 2012 at the Department of Arts Kostanai Regional Juvenile Library. Y.Altynsarin opened solo exhibition 1course student majoring "Fine art and design." Participant of the city festival of Creative Youth (October 2012), the regional competition "Jas Daryn" (October 2012), and others. Yagudina A. graduate of art school с.Kostanaya from childhood enjoys painting, drawing, with a 12-year-old - computer graphics. As a hobby prefer, besides painting, arts and crafts - jewelry from beads, paperkraft, scrapbooking. He is fond of English and Japanese. Likes comic books, both Western and manga, not just read them, but she also paints.

We all know that on October 31 we quietly celebrated as Halloween. Mysterious, we can say and gloomy, but most importantly, a mystical celebration we received approval came from the West. Of course, we celebrate this day, more for fun and something to hide, it is now fashionable.

German teachers participated in the 14th Congress of Teachers of Kazakhstan, which was held in October 20-21, 2012 in Astana. The Subject of the conference: "Neue Methoden-mehr Erfolg mit oder ohne digitale Medien". The students of Linguistic gymnasium №67 of Astana prepared a concert.

October 1, 2012 in the auditorium of с. Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute in celebration of the International Day of Music held a concert piano duo, organized by the Department of Arts. The concert p.h.d. Belozer L.P.,, concertmaster Akbuzhurova S.J., head of the department led the program bibliographic and information services Research Library KSPI Susik T.S. Were filled with popular works by composers from different countries. One of the most democratic - dance genre. There were waltzes, polka, tango rhythms.

September 22 was dedicated to the students of the Faculty of Philology. Dean FF Ismagulova G.K. made a welcoming speech, after that the chairperson of department of the Faculty welcomed their new students. But the most interesting for freshmen was the competition, that was organized by second-year students.

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