3 course students specialty "Music education" Tobyluly Azat, Semashko Anna (Head - Senior Lecturer Zhakaeva K.A, concertmaster - teacher Turlubaeva D.K.) became the laureate of All-Russian Vocal Competition (with international participation). Students and teachers were awarded diplomas and prizes. Staff of the department of Art wishes success.

On the fifth of May, 2014 at assembly hall of KSPI was carried out a festive event dedicated to the Day of Victory. At the event were invited veterans and front workers WWII: Sagandykov Shaydulla Sagandykovich, Kiseleva Anna Ignatyeva, Noskova Vera Stepanovna, Ternovoy Ivan Kondratyevich, Skrynskiy Ivan Mikhaylovich, Artykov Marat Abdievich. Vice-rector on training and methodological work, associate professor, PhD, Tolegen M.A. congratulated veterans with this great holiday, thanked them for the feat, accomplished but them in hard war time. Ternovoy I.K. appealed to students with the words of edification, with a request to keep the peace without war, a world that has got to cost millions of lives.

Among events dedicated to 75th anniversary of Kostanay state pedagogical institute, held by the faculty of "Physical education, sports and tourism" on the second of May was carried out an open tournament in Zhudyryktasu involving the strongest fighters from Kazakhstan.

April 30, 2014 y. in the auditorium of Kostanai State Pedagogical Institute in celebration of the 75th anniversary concert was held KSPI piano duets "Musical souvenir" organized Ph.D., chair of the Arts i.o.dotsentom Belozer LP. The concert was attended kpn, winner of national and international competitions - Belozer L.P., concertmaster Akbuzhurova S.J., 2nd year students - Natalia Petrunya, Laura Shalabayeva, Anastasia Krivonogova; 3 courses - Ecaterina Gladkova, Angelica Zavatskiya, Olesya Marchenko; All-diploma student competition - Julia Bushmakova, Anna Semashko. Were filled with popular composers of different countries Dvorak, Rimsky-Korsakov, G. Sviridov, J. Brahms, K. Duysekeev, A.Pyatsolla etc.

In the end of an April at the ski lodge of KSPI were carried out sports contests on table tennis and darts among students lived in dormitory. The competition was held among boys and among girls. According to the results of the competition prizes were distributed in table tennis as follows: among boys the first become Doskaliev M. (NMF 3 course), second place – Aburakhmanov L. (NMF, 2 course), third place – Sygymbayev B. (NMF, 3 course). In comparison with boys, more strenuous competition took place among girls as number of participants was twice. A champion among girls was: Aznabayeva R, second and third places took Angamova I and Duysenova A. respectively.

Congratulations to the students team of the specialty 5B011200 – Chemistry, won first place in VI Republican subject Olympiad (Almaty, April 23rd-24th, 2014), composed of: Meyramov Madiyar – 3rd-year student Mukhtaruly Ernar - 3rd-year student Logvinenko Oksana – 2nd-year student The advisor of the team: senior teacher Nurusheva A.B.

April 24th, 2014 at conference-hall of Kostanay state pedagogical institute took place a meeting with former students of the faculty of "Physical education, sports and tourism", honored Master of Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan, World Champion of 2013 in speed skating at a distance 1000 meters, a participant of Olympic games in Sochi 2014 Denis Kuzin, titular sportsman Aleksandr Zhigin, who has a title Master of Sport of international class of the Republic of Kazkahstan in speed skating.

23.04.14 at 3 o'clock in conference-hall was held a round-table on the theme "Polylinguism as one of priority of modern education: state, issues, perspectives". The event was organized by a teacher of the chair of practical linguistic of the foreign language faculty. Teachers and students of KSPI took part in the work of this session

April 20, 2014, students of the 38th AR group of foreign languages department visited the veteran Labour Masyukova Mariya Artemovna. The initiative of the meeting came from the students themselves, and was organized with the aim of preserving the historical memory and connection between generations.

April 17th, 2014 at the Faculty of Foreign Languages annual regional scientific-practical conference for teachers and teachers of educational institutions "From innovation to the daily practice" was organized. The conference was attended by teachers of Physics and Mathematics Lyceum, High School № 5, high school №11, high school №2, high school №1, Kostanai College of Medicine. The conference consisted of three main blocks - plenary meeting, workshops and round tables. At the plenary session there were heard the report-report, "From our experience in the English language center of the University of Macau, China" (Kudrytskaya M.I,. PhD, head of the department of foreign languages; Kudrytskaya E.A., master of psychology and management education, teacher of foreign languages).

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