February 15 in honor of Valentine's at the Department of English held an event entitled "Let's muddied." Yes, you read everything correctly, this event was similar to the Russian program "Let's get married", but there is no need to get married.

On the 27th of January 2012 International Reseach-to-Practice Conference “Integration process in education: problems and prospects.” took place at Kostanai State Pedagogical Institute. Native and foreign scientists and practitioners in Education and allied sciences were participating in it: Yegorychev Aleksandr Mikhailovich, PhD., Professor of Social Pedagogy Chair at Moscow Humanities and Pedagogy Institute, Manager of Scientific Experts Committee (Regional Public Organisation) “Centre of Innovation Technologies and Social Expertise”, an academician, Vice-President of International Slavic; Mardakhayev Lev Vladimirovich, Doctor of Education, a Professor, Social Pedagogy Chairperson’s deputy at Moscow Humanities and Pedagogy Institute, Vice-President of Social Teachers and Social Workers of Russia, Academician MANPO

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