Teaching staff of the Faculty of Foreign Languages took part in child welfare "Way to school" seventeenth September. Three Chapayev school pupils from Mukashev family, which has one mother and father - is seriously ill, things were bought for school attendance. Faculty members were moved humble request of the family, who managed to satisfy. Babies have been bought shoes, autumn shoes, a backpack, a form of physical education, stationery. All things chose the children themselves under the supervision of the chairman of the trade union Department of Foreign Languages Burmagina L.A. Both children and teachers were satisfied.

Second year student of the specialty "Pedagogy and Psychology" Akpalenov Mars became the champion of Asia on bench press in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Akpalenov Mars multiple prize winner, champion and master of sport of powerlifting, national judge of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Our congratulations to the winner!

On the 9th of September 2014 Kostanay state pedagogical institute took part in telephone conference on academic mobility. Organizers of this conference Center of the Bologna Process and academic mobility of MES RK. The meeting was also attended by representatives of national and regional universities of Kazakhstan. On behalf of the institute performed a vice rector on educational and methodological work Tolegen M.A.

First-year student Department of Foreign Languages Erkіnbek Assel has been entrusted to speak with words of gratitude to the organizers of the «Serpіn – 2050» at the meeting with chairman of the board of directors of the National Center of «Orleu» chairman of the national managerial Board of the «Мәңгілік ел жастары – индустрияға» Abenov Murat Abdulamituly that held September fourth at the conference hall of KSPI. During the meeting the goals, objectives, particularly the conditions of the program and its possible perspectives. The meeting proved the activity of the participants of the program «Serpіn – 2050» and appreciation for the training program «Мәңгілік ел жастары – индустрияға».

On the 2nd of September at Kostanay state pedagogical institute was held an event dedicated to the beginning of new 20014-2015 academic year. Yesterdays enrollees, todays first-year students entered at one of the leading universities in Kazakhstan, celebrating the 75th anniversary this year. The speech of welcome was told by the rector of the institute, professor Baymyrzaeyv K.M. Also with the parting words performed the candidate of philological sciences, professor Ospanov S.O., on behalf of the first-year students spoke a winner of Republican Olympiads Velundruzi Tatyana. This year the number of enrollees was more than 900 freshmen. Among them there are winners of scientific projects. International and republican Olympiads, as well as holders of grants "Serpin – 2050" within the framework of the project "Mangelik el zhastary – industriyaga". After an official part of the event first year students went to the classrooms in order to get acquainted with the faculty, which they are going to study at.

Meeting of graduates of the Faculty of Foreign Languages 1984 release took place June 29, 2014 on the basis of the Faculty of Foreign Languages KGPI. Graduates of 1984 together with teachers - Samambet M.K.and Dukhin V.D. of 16 people shared their memories of the faculty groups, and educational life.

June 12, 2014 a solemn presentation of diplomas at the Faculty of Foreign Languages. 82 students became certified educators, which are demanding in modern society. 17 students get diplomas with honors from the hands of the pro-rector for scientific work and international relations of KSPI, doctor of historical sciences, professor,Abil E.A. Vice Rector congratulated the graduates and wished to become competitive, worthy of the highest awards the specialists in their chosen field of work. Student activists and honors were awarded letters of thanks to parents and certificates for excellent study and social activities. Despite the fact that the main people at the event were the graduates, they produced a vivid concert, pleased their parents, relatives and friends with the music and dance numbers that have left good memories.

June 3, 2014 the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of France in the Republic of Kazakhstan Mr. Francis Etienne visited our institute. The visit program included a visit to the French Cultural Centre and the meeting with the teachers and teachers of French. Then Mr. Ambassador met with students of the Institute who study French. The meeting began with a lecture by Francis Etienne Lord of history, the development of the French language and its status in the world today. The lecture caused a lot of questions from the students that resulted in a lively and interesting conversation.

At Kostanay state pedagogical institute on 23rd of May, 2014 there was annual final student scientific and practical conference dedicated to the 75th anniversary of our Institute. The participants of the conference were students-winners of republican, inter-universities and faculty Olympiads and competitions. This was one of the most important events in scientific life of students. Scientific and research work gives an opportunity to every student to improve knowledge in elected subject, develop intelligence, acquire abilities and skills in scientific and research and scientific and experimental activity under control of scientific supervisor.

On May 19-21, 2014 y. in Kazakhstan in "Baldauren" I took place INTERNATIONAL ASSEMBLY of ARTS "TALENTS of XXI CENTURY". An organizer is Center of creative initiatives of "Art aspect" at support: - Branch of Union of composers of Republic of Kazakhstan in y. Astana - The Public association of composers of the Karaganda area of "Balausa"

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