January 22, 2020 a teacher of psycho-pedagogical faculty of the Department of preschool and primary education Ageeva A. A. conducted professional work in the state institution "School-gymnasium Tobyl" Department of education of akimat of Kostanay region. The school organized a meeting in the Assembly hall for parents of graduates of grades 9 and 11. The gathered parents asked their questions. The teacher provided information about the University, educational programs, advantages of studying at KSPU, as well as the main provisions of the new law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "on the status of a teacher".

В период с 13 по 18 января 2020 года в КГПУ им. У.Султангазина прошла ежегодная Спартакиада среди преподавателей и сотрудников КГПУ, посвященная 175-летию А.Кунанбаева. Спартакиада прошла по 9 видам спорта: шашки, шахматы, тоғыз құмалақ, асық ату, дартс, настольный теннис, волейбол, мини-футбол и лыжные гонки. Основная цель Спартакиады - пропаганда здорового образа жизни, комплектования сборной команды КГПУ, выявление сильнейших спортсменов для участия в региональных соревнованиях. Преподаватели и сотрудники приняли активное участие во всех соревнованиях. Лыжные гонки прошли на нашей оздоровительной базе в сосновом бору.

On the 15 of January 2020, the Polylingual Center of the Philology department of the KSPU after U.Sultangazin, organized the master class “Different way to learn: to develop the creativity" for the teachers who teach the special disciplines in English. Kuskadamova K.S.specialist of the Polylingual Centre, the senior teacher of the Philology department was the lector. The teacher Kuskadamova K.S. showed the practical types of learning activities at the lesson, directed for the developing their speech competence in a foreign language.

One-off basic populationalization of educational programs the faculty carries out the connection with the potential entrances. At the Faculty of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism use different forms of admission of applicants from the application of the provision of double entry to the provision of testing in the district in the Kostanay region. One-on-one with the names of the predecessors of one-of-a-kind district, the self-supporting students are guided by the guided tours of the university and faculty in frequency. The initiator of this ethical meropathy was the substitute of the teacher of the Jangildinsk district district NSCH Nugumanov Aksyganak. 

The meeting of the Republican competitive commission for awarding the title of "Best University Teacher" was held on December 27, 2019. Lecturers from 81 universities in Kazakhstan (total of 471 participants) took part this year. The activities of lecturers were assessed by updated qualitative and quantitative indicators for assessing the work of applicants. As a result of the competition, two lecturers of our university were awarded the title of "Best University Teacher" - Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences Bragina Tatyana Mikhailovna and candidate of historical sciences Bekmagambetov Ruslan Kabdugalievich.

December 20, 2019, in the Students House of KNPU named after Sultangazin U, Kalinichenco O.V. and Akhmetbekova Z.D., Senior lecturers of the Psychology and Defectology department, as well as second year students majoring in Psychology of the Russian faculty and second year students majoring in Pedagogics and Psychology of the Kazakh faculty conducted a training on confident behaviour.

On December 12, 2019, a solemn meeting on the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held in the Youth Palace of Kostanay. Akim of Kostanay region Archimedes Mukhambetov congratulated distinguished countrymen. Olga Mikhailovna Chernyavskaya, associate Professor of the Department of natural Sciences of the Kostanay state University named after U. Sultangazin, was among those awarded on the occasion of the significant date.

The results of the regional contest "5 new faces", held among universities of the Kostanai region, were announced at a gala concert dedicated to the Day of the First President. The competition was organized by the Department of Youth Policy of the Akimat of the Kostanai region. The aim of the competition was to promote the development of science, sports, culture, society and innovation. Promote successful, competitive ideas based on real stories of students, teachers, undergraduates and employees. The competition was held in 5 nominations: sport, science, culture, society and innovation.

From December 2 to 8, 2019, the Asian Championship in classical powerlifting was held among girls, juniors, women, boys, juniors, men and veterans in Almaty. 22 countries took part in the classic powerlifting competition. The national team of the Republic of Kazakhstan was attended by 13 athletes from the Kostanay region in various age and weight categories.From KSPU, a fourth-year student of the FFKSiT Moldagaliev Adlet spoke in the national team of the Republic of Kazakhstan among men.Moldagaliev Adlet, athlete of the school of higher sports excellence and a 4th year student of KSPU named after U. Sultangazina won a silver medal among men in deadlift with a result of 245 kg and a bronze medal in the event of trials with a result of 545 kg and fulfilled the standard of a master of sports of international class.

On December 7, a 4-year student of the specialty Informatics Sabit Zere took part in the XI international scientific-practical conference "Kazakhstan model of transformation: socio-political context" dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan as part of the implementation of the "Rukhani Zhangyru" program at Karaganda State University by E.A. Buketov organized by the Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology, Department of Political Science and Sociology.

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