On May 26, 2016 the presentation of innovative projects on the topic "From Innovation to Practice" was held in conference hall of the Institute, where lecturers took the active participation and trained in the educational program of professional development of lecturers of pedagogical specialties of higher educational institutions of Republic of Kazakhstan on the basis of the FAE "National Centre of Excellence" - RIPKSO of Almaty and foreign universities of Great Britain, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Germany.

On April 22, 2016 Kostanay state pedagogical institute had held the final stage of the student competition of innovative projects on the 25 - anniversary of independence of Republic of Kazakhstan. The main goals and objectives of the competition were: Fostering the intellectual potential of Republic of Kazakhstan; promotion of research and learning activities of students; the selection and support of the most talented and gifted students.

On April 19, Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute had hosted a meeting with representatives of the Graduate School of Nazarbayev University and the general director of research work of the Graduate School of Nazarbayev University professor Tssedisso Makoele and scientific researcher Omarova Tolkyn. In order to share experiences professor Tsediso Makoele had given a lecture for faculty members of KSPI on problem of research methods in the education sector and the rules of placement of scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals.

On March 30, 2016, as part of the methodological week of department of pedagogy, the online conference "Scientific-pedagogical support to teachers of main schools in terms of updating the content of secondary education", which was attended by deans, heads of departments, lecturer staff of KSPI, lecturer staff of ASPI, employees of "Center of pedagogical mastery", Kostanay, teachers of main schools of Kostanay region, the experts of the Office of education of Kostanay region, as well as methodists of education departments of cities and districts of Kostanay region.

On March 15 the Director of the Language Centre of the University Via Domitia (France) Vensant Glaaz came to our institute with business visit. He extended the existed and acted contract with KSPI for the past five years. Joint efforts of universities to develop programs of academic mobility and professional development of teachers were also discussed.
Vensant Glaaz also met with students studying French.

In 2015 sixteen teachers of KSPI have completed advanced training courses on the basis of the largest universities of Spain, Portugal, Germany and Great Britain.
The main objective of courses - to improve skills of teachers of pedagogical specialties of higher educational institutions in the field of modern technologies of teaching and training for increase of competitiveness of system of the higher education of the country.

February 12, 2016 on the basis of Kostanay state pedagogical institute, department of pedagogy of psychological-pedagogical faculty in conjunction with the branch NC "Center of pedagogical skills" of Kostanay, had organized and held the Republican scientific-practical conference "Integration of pedagogical higher educational institution and educational organizations for introduction an innovation in practice".

On January 8, 2016 the department of science of international relations together with chair of pedagogy had organized and carried out a round table "The organization and planning of scientific researches" on which the meeting with the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor of MSIIR – Berezhnova Elena Viktorovna had taken place. She had covered actual problems and the directions in development of pedagogical science. Information on the international requirements to structure, contents and quality of writing of scientific projects was made by Baymukhambetova B. Sh., the doctor of philosophy (PhD).

On November, 19-21, the 7th All-Russian Congress of political scientists was taken place in Moscow, where were political scientists from 30 different countries. The Advisor to the Rector G. Shaimerden participated in the Kazakh delegation at the forum. The theme of the forum was the problem of "Political science in the front of the challenges of modern politics." The Congress was held in the building of MSIIR, and workedin good and quick form for three days.

In 2015-2016 academic year, for realization of the Plan of usage of innovative technologies in learning process, lecturers of different departments a restarting togive open (prepared) lessons from October. During this year lecturers are going to give 62 open (prepared) lessons with the usage of modern educational technologies.

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