On may 16, 2018, Kostanay state pedagogical University held an international seminar on the topic: "Innovations in the development of methods of sustainable agricultural management in the changing climate in the dry steppes of Kazakhstan and South-West Siberia (ReKKS)". Project SRC PEB KSPU / ReKKS " Dynamics of changes in steppe ecosystems of Northern Kazakhstan under the influence of anthropogenic and climatic factors on the example of soil mesofauna and its habitat."

On April 12, 2018, Kostanay state pedagogical University held the final stage of the student competition of innovative projects dedicated to EXPO – 2017. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it was held on a landmark day for all Kazakhstanis! Exactly one year ago there was an article of the Head of the Republic "A look into the future: modernization of public consciousness", where the necessity of development of competitiveness as a success factor was underlined. This competition is a confirmation of this. Students offered their ideas on solving scientific problems in the regional market.

The British Council and the Center for Professional Development and Cooperation of Kostanay State University named after A. Baytursynov organized an international workshop "Researcher Connect" to promote the development of research skills of teachers and scientists of the city and the region. K.T. Tobylov, candidate of economic sciences, docent of the Department of public disciplines, bases of economy and right; and V.V. Danilova, doctor of philosophy (PhD), senior lecturer of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of KSPI took part in this workshop from 28 till 30th, November 2017..

Students of KSPI have taken active part a republican festival of the innovative ideas "Zhastar - Otanga" held by Bolashak association with assistance of the Ministry of affairs of religions and civil society of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The republican festival of the innovative ideas "Zhastar - Otanga" is one of instruments of realization and promotion of state programs of the Head of state, including the Digital Kazakhstan-2020 program. Main objectives and problems of this competition are: assistance to development of business activity and employment of the population, business thinking of youth; improvement of quality of life of the population by introduction of digital technologies.

In recent years startups have around the world gained great popularity. Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute creates necessary conditions for development and support of startups. On October 11, 2017 has taken place the meeting of the vice rector for scientific work and strategic development Akhmetov T. with the deans , heads of departments with students a startup projects and their research supervisors. At this meeting was considered a number of questions: first, a question of possible participation of students in competitions a startup - innovative projects, announced by Bolashak Association with assistance of the Ministry of affairs of religions and civil society of the Republic of Kazakhstan and also the Ministry for Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan together with JSC National Technological Development Agency.

Duringthe period of March, 29-30 on base of Miras University (Shymkent) the 14thannual international conference of Association of the teachers of English of the Republic of Kazakhstan - "KazTEA" on "Recognizing Learning Abilities and Teaching Possibilities in the Era of Trilingual Education" was organized. Sponsors of this conference included the U.S. Embassy in the RK, the Inter Press company, Association of teachers of Shymkent, etc.

November 30, 2016 the Department of pre-school and primary education, psycho-pedagogical faculty was organized and held republican online-conference «Actual problems of training of younger schoolboys in the conditions of modernization of education in the Republic of Kazakhstan». The conference was attended by South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute, Kokshetau State Univercity by Sh.Ualihanov and faculty of the Department of pre-school and primary education of Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute, Director of the center of the branches of pedagogical skill of AEO NIS Kokshetau and Kostanay cities, South Kazahastan and Kostanai regions school's teachers.

On 8-9, November, 2016 on the base of Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi (Rome, Italy) the meeting of partners of the international project ACADEMICA 561553-EPP-1-2015-1-BG-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP financed by the European Union Erasmus+ was held. Partners from the Kostanay state pedagogical institute took active part in discussion of the current results of development of the training course on formation of digital competences in this meeting: N.Y. Kifik, M.V. Sukhov and V.V.Danilova.

September, 29th , 2016 on the basis of the Kokshetau state university after Sh. Ualikhanov there took place another meeting monitoring on the international project ACADEMICA 561553-EPP-1-2015-1-BG-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP financed by the European Union Erasmus+. Within the meeting the reporting presentations of foreign partners (Polytechnical University of Valencia, Spain; Guillermo Marconi University, Italy) and Kazakhstan partners (Kokshetau university after A. Myrzakhmetov, International University of information technologies, Kokshetau state university, Kazakhstan association of engineering education, Kostanay state pedagogical institute) were listened.

On July, 4-5th, 2016 based on Polytechnical University of Valencia (Spain) the scheduled meeting of participants of the international project "Accessibility and Harmonization of Higher Education in Central Asia Through Curriculum Modernization and Development/ACADEMICA/" registered in the European Commission as 561553-EPP-1-2015-1-BG-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP was organized.

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