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February 11, 2019 was held a meeting of teachers and students of Kostanay State Pedagogical University with G. Tokpaeva, Manager of the Department of Competitive Procedures Organization of JSC «Center for International Programs». In the course of the briefing, the rules for the selection of applicants for the award of the international scholarship «Bolashak» of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan were discussed. Separately, the requirements for obtaining intergovernmental grants, as well as grants from foreign partner universities were presented.

The benefits of international education were presented to the audience:

  • high quality;
  • recognition of the diploma worldwide;
  • іn-depth study of a foreign language;
  • the possibility of passing overseas internships;
  • competitiveness in the labor market;
  • international contacts;
  • familiarity with the culture of the country of study.

At the same time, the department manager stressed that not only a university graduate, but also an employee from the faculty who has a diploma of bachelor and master programs can become a participant in these programs. Those who have an academic degree have the opportunity to undergo an internship in an existing specialty abroad.

The stages of the competition for the award of international scholarships were reviewed in detail, which included:

  • Stage 1 - the selection of motivational and recommendation letters;
  • Stage 2 - testing for knowledge of a foreign language;
  • Stage 3 - testing for knowledge of the state language;
  • Stage 4 - complex testing;
  • Stage 5 - interview with members of the Independent Expert Commission;
  • Stage 6 is the decision of the Republican Commission of Personnel Training Abroad, based on the results of the decision will be concluded an agreement with an applicant who successfully passed all the stages of the competition.

Of particular interest to university students were the necessary package of documents for admission to universities in Asia and Europe, priority groups, competition stages for awarding scholarships, the procedure for returning funds invested in education, etc.


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