The 7th All-Russian Congress of Political Scientists

kspi19-21.11.15On November, 19-21, the 7th All-Russian Congress of political scientists was taken place in Moscow, where were political scientists from 30 different countries. The Advisor to the Rector G. Shaimerden participated in the Kazakh delegation at the forum. The theme of the forum was the problem of "Political science in the front of the challenges of modern politics." The Congress was held in the building of MSIIR, and workedin good and quick form for three days. There were approximately 60 sections in various fields of political science, where global political issues and challenges of contemporary world politicswere discussed. G. Shaimerden performed on the section devoted to the problems of Eurasian integration. In this section had taken place an urgent debate on the EAEC, where there were different and sometimes diametrically opposed views.

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