Meeting with young scientists of KSPI

21.01.15In order to create a Council of young scientists on the 21st of January 2015 the department of science, foreign relations and innovative development organized and carried out a meeting with young scientists of KSPI.
The main objective of the Council of young scientists is assistance of professional growth of youth, its active participation in fundamental and applied research.
The information of young scientists’ activity in scientific organizations and higher educational institutions in the Republic of Kazakhstan was presented by Baymukhambetova B.Sh., the head of the science department, foreign relations and innovative development. She noted that any scientific ideas, organizational or social initiatives, as well as experience and constructive designs, if they are in demand and relevant, they may be supported by the Fund of the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, that means and the whole state.

To the meeting with young scientists of KSPI was invited a student of Beijing University of science and information technologies Utegenova Dana, who told about the organization of the research work of students in universities of China. Especially, she highlighted the fact that in the university welcomes the holding of joint international scientific and research works, because it’s a part of image strategy of the higher educational institution.
Young teachers of KSPI with an initiative embraced the idea of reviving the Council of Young Scientists and carried out the election of the asset of CYS.
Supporting the creation of CYS in the institute performed deans of faculties Aydnalieva N.A., Sukhov P.N. In the debate on asset of CYS attended teachers who have extensive experience in higher education, which certainly emphasized the importance and the need of the Council of young scientists at the institute.

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