Presentation of innovative projects on the theme "From innovation to practice"


On May 26, 2016 the presentation of innovative projects on the topic "From Innovation to Practice" was held in conference hall of the Institute, where lecturers took the active participation and trained in the educational program of professional development of lecturers of pedagogical specialties of higher educational institutions of Republic of Kazakhstan on the basis of the FAE "National Centre of Excellence" - RIPKSO of Almaty and foreign universities of Great Britain, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Germany.

The Acting Rector Abіl E.A., head of the department of educational planning and innovation development Bekentaeva A.K., deans, head of the department, institute lecturers attended on the presentation. 6 projects were presented, the purpose of which was the introduction of innovative technologies in the educational process:

  1. "The use of project-based learning technologies for the intensification of research work of students" - Kobets T.S., training in the U.K. (Department of natural sciences).
  2. "The use of digital technologies in the discipline "I.T."- Ospanova S.B, Sukhov M.V., Radchenko T.A., Ersultanova Z.S., Khassanova S.B. training in Almaty and the U.K. (ICT Department).
  3. "The study of changes in solar activity" - Telegina O.S, Demina N.F., Kalakov B.A., training in Almaty and Spain (PhM and GTD department).
  4. "The use of case-based technologies in the formation of subject specific competences at students of specialty "Vocational training"- Zhigitov A.B., Komissarov S.V., Shagiahmetova L.M., Abdimominova D.K., training in Almaty and Spain (PhM and GTD department).
  5. "Grammatikasyz til ustartu" electronical book. - Nurmukhametova K.T., Zhumashev M.D., Baymenova B.J., Sholpanbaeva G.A., training in Almaty (the educational center of language learning).
  6. "The introduction of pedagogical technology of workshops to enhance the creativity of students of fine arts and drawing specialty" - Ordasheva M.Z., training in Almaty (Art Department).

It was noted that the projects were very effective, deserve attention and further development.

26.05.16-inovation 2

New technologies, which were presented in presentations departments of our teachers have been successfully used in the educational process of the institute:

"Using of design technology on history of Kazakhstan" - Anasova A.B., Erisheva T.A., Tastekova G.B., training in Almaty (Department of history of Kazakhstan); "Using the technology of critical thinking in the teaching of instrumental performing disciplines" - Sayatulekova L.S., Turlybaeva D.K., Amirhamzin N.K., training in Almaty (Art Department);
"The inconsistency of the modern religious world: fundamentalism and modernism" - Alshanova B.H., Amantaeva A.B., Samarkin S.V., Yarochkina E.V., Shegenova J.N., Razuvaeva M.V., Ragatova M.O., training in Almaty (Department of social disciplines); "Creating a virtual learning environment for the training of teachers of English" -Kudritskaya M.I., Kudritskaya E.A., training in the United Kingdom (Department of foreign languages); "The use of innovative methods and techniques during training sessions on pedagogical disciplines" - Shalgimbekova A.B., Shumeyko T.S., Khamzina K.B., Utegenova B.M., Ivanova E.N., Abdirkenova A.K., Baymenova K.S., training in Almaty, Spain, the UK, Germany, Portugal, Japan (Department of pedagogy); "QuizMaker program in the organization of independent work of students" - Abisheva S.K., Bikenova G.S., Kuskadamova K.S., Plohotenko V.N., training in Almaty (the educational center of language training);"The use of multimedia technology in teaching the course of history of Russian literary language" - Mustakimova G.V., Arssaeva S.B., training in Almaty (Department of Russian language and literature); "Innovative methods of teaching phraseologisms (smart, case - study)" - Esіrkepova K.K., Kanapina S.G., Esengazina B.B., Aliyeva D.A., Bekbosynova A.H. training in Almaty, Portugal (Department of Kazakh language and literature.); " The use of the best methods of innovative technologies in teaching literature " -Ermanova S.B., Abdrasheva A.K., training in Almaty (Department of Kazakh language and literature).

The exchange of experiences in the implementation of learning technologies proved their content and the need to improve the quality of education and training of competitive specialists.

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