Roundtable on “Innovations: the practice and the result”


June 8, 2015 in a conference hall was held a roundtable on the theme "Innovation: the practice and the result" with teachers who have undergone courses for professional development based on the FAO NTSPK "Orleu" - RIPKSO RK on "Professional development program for university teachers." The roundtable was attended by the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, director of the National Institute for professional development of administration and the academic staff of the education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan Gulnar Balakayeva, vice-rector for educational and methodological work, PhD, candidate of juridical sciences, associate professor Tolegen Mukhtar, professors and teaching staff of the institute.

There was an exchange of views, which gave training in RIPKSO and abroad, introduction of innovative technologies in the educational process.
Welcoming speech was made by Vice-rector for educational and methodological work of KSPI, Ph.D., candidate of juridical sciences, associate professor Tolegen M. He noted that the cooperation with foreign universities provided a unique opportunity to explore the features of the higher education system, to assess the quality of their own training and to compare the level of teaching at the institute and abroad; actively implement pedagogical innovations in the learning process. It was noted that in May 2015 in the conference hall of the Institute was an exhibition of innovative projects on the theme "From Innovation to Practice", which actively involved teachers who received training on the basis of the largest foreign universities. Project goal: introduction of innovative technologies in the educational process. 13 projects were presented. All projects are noteworthy, and in the result of the performances it was recommended to summarize them and to take part in the competition of research projects for grant financing of MES RK.

In his speech, the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, director of the RIPKSO RK said that in 2012 for the first time based on the FAO's "Orleu" RIPKSO has been implemented a new training program for teachers of high schools of Kazakhstan on innovative programs. The new direction for teachers' professional development was training in the best universities abroad: from 3000 teachers of pedagogical specialties, trained on the basis of RIPKSO, 650 people were trained in foreign universities. Education is aimed at enhancing the professional competence of the teacher of high school and covers the modern educational technology teaching and learning, particularly assessment systems, etc.

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It has been proposed for testing the knowledge of teachers to focus more on writing essays on logic, to publish articles on the pages of the national information and methodological magazine "Trainer-Education», to take part in the national contest "video portfolio" for the exchange of experience to open the "School of pedagogical skills", for professional development of teachers to organize the work of online communities (consultation "face to face" in-line, in the form of master classes, workshops, conferences, seminars).

During the roundtable the teachers shared their experience of introduction the latest technologies in the educational process. At the end of the internship at the University of Newcastle (UK), the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain) there were presented an interesting project presentations by Kudritskaya M., the Head of the Department of Foreign Languages of KSPI, candidate of pedagogical sciences, on the theme "Creating a virtual learning environment for the implementation of the approach "Blended learning" and Demesenov B., Senior Lecturer of the Department of Natural Sciences, on "Implementation of modern foreign technologies into the educational process at the department of natural sciences."

Ischanova R., the Head of the Scientific-Research Center for continuous pedagogical education, said that teachers' professional development programs contributed to the fact that students become active participants in the learning process, and teachers – organizers of the cognitive activity of students. She noted that the current approaches to continuing education, the use of interactive technologies and teaching methods have greatly improved the quality of teaching; educational outcomes assessment system allowed a deeper understanding of the nature of criteria side of the modern control system of knowledge and skills of students; the use of digital technologies in teaching and learning facilitated the development and formation of abilities to use advanced information technologies in professional work of the teacher; Cooperation, joint work of teachers during workshops, seminars and sessions given tremendous opportunities to improve skills and to promote an exchange of experiences and memories.

Teachers thanked Gulnar and staff of RIPKSO RK for fruitful cooperation and for the good organization of training courses; they noted the high professional level of professors, information richness, originality and relevance of exploring innovative methods and technologies, actively introduced in the classroom.


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