In terms of the modernization of historical consciousness, the idea of forming a gallery of images of great thinkers, poets and rulers of the past aroused special interest for students of the educational program "Fine arts and drawing". Students and teachers of the OP "Fine arts and drawing" decided that they should contribute to the implementation of the project "Modern Kazakh culture in the global world". For students and teachers-this is participation in exhibitions, possibly in the format of an online Internet exhibition. So, students of 2019 graduation Kareva Tatyana, Guseva Valentina, Burtseva Anastasia, Kaminskaya Victoria, Karabutova Anastasia, Kozhevina Ekaterina, Kashapova Olga, Kulmanov Azamat, Mendybayeva Valentina, Trenina Oksana, ormanbekova Eldana, Petrova Yulia, Shaimerden Tanayym, Zhunisbek Sarzhan prepared creative works-portraits of outstanding figures of Kazakhstan.

Students of the 2nd year, majoring in geography, under the guidance of V.V. Koval, implement the project "Recreational geography of Kazakhstan". The main goal of the project is to study and promote recreational resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan. During the promotion of the project, work was carried out with students of the school and student groups of Kostanay. This topic is relevant, since the development of domestic tourism is one of the priorities of state policy.

On April 22, 2020, a student scientific and practical conference "Problems and prospects of philological science in the context of modern education" was held in the direction of training teachers of the Russian language and literature. The conference was held online in the new conditionals. The conference was attended by students of 2 - 4 courses of the specialty "Russian language and literature" and students of the Kostanay branch of the Chelyabinsk State University.

On April 22, 2020 the educational program "Russian Language and Literature" held a preliminary defense of theses. 4-year full-time students and 3-year full-time students took part in the pre-diploma thesis. Welcoming remarks were made by the head of the educational program “Russian Language and Literature” K. Brimzhanova, who explained the features of conducting pre-defense in an online format, drew attention to the past diploma thesis test on Turnitin, answered the students' questions.

On April 21, 2020, on the eve of International Earth Day, the staff of the Department of Natural Sciences worked in the online seminar «The educational environment as a means of forming an individual's environmental responsibility».This day is considered by many to be a day of responsibility to the planet, people and nature. In 147 countries, celebrations and events are held, urging to pay attention to environmental problems. The seminar consolidated the pedagogical resource of specialists from Kostanay, Almaty, Pavlodar, Chelyabinsk in the formation of the noosphere thinking of a contemporary as an active transformer of the environment.

On April 20 the educational program “Russian Language and Literature” and the social project of 2nd year students “Easy Russian” held an essay competition “Rukhani Zhanyru - the spiritual compass of Kazakhstanis”. It was held among 1st year students of departments with the Kazakh language of training. The objectives of the competition were the patriotic and moral education of students, the development of a sense of ownership in the history of modern Kazakhstan, the popularization of the Russian language, the identification and support of students who are ready for self-development and focused cognitive activity.

On April 20, 2020, the head of the Department of arts held a webinar "Instructing the final certification in the conditions of DOT". State certification of students will be held from may 11 to June 14, 2020 and will be conducted through a video conference system-address bar Graduates were familiarized with the requirements of preparation for state exams: 1. Fine arts and drawing - "State examination in the specialty", including questions on Pedagogy, Methods of teaching fine arts, Methods of teaching drawing.

On April 17, meetings were held on-line on the KSPU Conference On-Line platform of the KSPU conference with full-time and part-time students of the Faculty of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Department of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Department of Physical Education, Sports and Tourism theses on the preparation and conduct of the final state certification.The greatest number of questions the students had regarding the passage of the thesis through the Moodle (Turnitin) procedure. The students were interested in how many attempts are made, what requirements, whether the degree of uniqueness of theses will be reduced.

On April 17, 2020, teachers of the Department of Philology in the direction of training teachers of «the Russian language and literature» held a webinar on the topic "Working with students in distance learning." Teachers of the State Institution “Secondary School No. 7 of the Education Department of the Akimat of the City of Kostanay” and the State Institution “Secondary School No. 23 named after M. Kozybaev, Department of Education, Akimat of Kostanay” took part in the webinar.

The program “Rukhani Zhangyru”, which was initiated by Elbasy, is 3 years old. During this time many activities aimed at spiritual revival were carried out within the framework of the project. On April 16 an educational program «the Russian Language and Literature» conducted an interview with Karbenova Z. on the topic “Traditions and Customs of the Great Steppe Country - the Basis of Strengthening the Unity and Identity of the People of Kazakhstan”.

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