Dear applicants! Foreign Languages Department of Kostanai State Pedagogical Institute invites you to get multicultural knowledge! The faculty includes: English Department Speciality 5B011900 "Foreign language: two foreign languages" (English and the second language of choice: French, German)

March 27, 2013 The Department of Foreign Languages of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Kostanai State Pedagogical Institute organized regional scientific-practical conference for teachers and teachers of educational institutions "from innovation to the everyday practice." Conference languages: Kazakh, Russian, English. Conference participants received certificates. The Publication of the collection was not planned, but there was a possibility to publish the articles in "Vestnik" of KSPI.

In 20th of February 2013, during the Open day of FFL there was a Round table with a theme "Trilingualism - factor in the development of intellectual potential of Kazakh youth." It was attended by director of department of languages development of Akimat of the Kostanay Region ErbatyrovaZh. K., vice-rector of educational and methodical work of KSPI, MukhtarAdilbeckulyTolegen., PhD, associated professor, dean of the faculty of the foreign languages of KSPI - YekaterinaLeonidovnaDoroshock, head of the polylinguism center of KSPI –ZhanburshinovaGulnarKadyrovna,

February 19, 2013 the Department of Art in conjunction with the regional scientific-practical center "Daryn Kostanay" in the conference room of the Office of Education government Kostanay region was held a regional scientific conference in the mode of on-line "Problems of music education in small schools". The conference was attended by the deputy director of the regional scientific-practical center "Daryn Kostanay" Kelip T.I., a teacher of music and singing Sosnovskaya school district c. Kostonay Girik Y.Y., the head teacher on study Borovskoi arts school district Menykara Andreevа S. N., teachers of the Department of Art Ph.D Sapieva M.S., Ph.D. Belozer L.P., senior lecturer Zhakaeva KA, senior lecturer Dick F.B. Were invited to participate five resource centers supporting small schools, music teachers of secondary schools, teacher education, staff in orphanages, boarding schools and correctional schools.

In the 13th of February 2013 the general meeting "KyzZhibek" took place. Social-educational workers Zhakaeva S.A. and Aysina C.T., dean of FFL Doroshock E.L. were invited. To the guests, dean, and deputy dean were given badges of the member of "Kyz Zhibek Otauy" The organizers - practical linguistics department of FFL, showed the plan of the club to the students and the guests.

At the beginning of February 2013 in the educational-methodical classroom of the faculty of the foreign languages has been opened an information corner for polylinguism where students can familiarize faculty with the concept of multilingual education in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the project "Languages trinity of Kazakhstan" and the "Concept of foreign language education in the Republic of Kazakhstan" .

"A new stage of Kazakhstan's way is a new challenge to strengthen the economy, improve people's welfare". N. Nazarbayev. February 6, 2013 A Course Meeting with the 1st year students on specialty 5B011900, which were acted the dean of the Faculty Doroshok E.L. andAlshanova B.H. Ph.D., with the discussion of the Message of President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev Strategy "Kazakhstan-2050" was held. Students actively participated in the discussion of the message, and had the opportunity to express their views on matters of mutual interest.

February 4, 2013 were awarded letters of appreciation to the students of the 1st and 2nd courses for excellent study and active participation in the social life of the faculty and the institute. The dean and the teaching staff of the faculty expressed their sincere gratitude to parents for the proper upbringing of their children. We believe that after getting education in one of the leading institutes of the country, they will become true professionals and worthy citizens of our Motherland, of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

January 29, 2013 A Course Meeting with the 2nd year students on specialty 5B011900, which were acted the dean of the Faculty Doroshok E.L, head of the department of Foreign Languages Kudrytskaya M.I, head of the department of practical linguistics Nurmuhametova K.T. was held The agenda:

January 25, 2013 Lecturers and Department of Foreign Languages, Master of Psychology Kudrytskaya E.A. held a seminar on the use of the site The seminar was attended by teachers of the department of foreign languages. Teachers were presented examples of the use of the site:

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