Commission assessed the representative: Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages Doroshok-E.L., director of the Center of polylinguism -Zhanburshinova G.K., professor Ospanova A.S., Methodist office of the Register-Salmenova S.K., a graduate of the FFL – A.Nurmagambetova , she studied for a semester in France. The head of the commission vice-rector for educational and methodical work TolegenM.A.

Оn the 14th of May at 14.00 students together with their curator V. Danilova visited Kostanay historical museum.Students are introduced with the new exhibition devoted to May 9 - Reproductions of paintings on military subjects. Touching the history of the people of Kostanai region, students are encouraged to flipping book memory of soldiers who died during the War, the shooting of the soldiers examined the wall and got acquainted with the geological and archeological sites of Kostanai region.

13 May 2013 Within the framework of academic mobility and the contract between Kostanai State Pedagogical Institute and the University of VIA Domitia Perpignan was sent Master Axel Hernandez. The main aim of his arrival is to conduct such lessons as Countrystudy, methods of teaching a foreign language, second foreign language, history, theoretical aspects of foreign languages for 3rd year students of the French and English branches of the Faculty of Foreign Languages.

On the 3rd of May, 2013 at the faculty of foreign languages the meeting, devoted to Victory Day with Ternovoy Ivan Kondratyevich took place. He is a Professor of Kostanay state pedagogical Institute, candidate of historical sciences, director of the center of regional historical research of the pedagogical Institute, President of the public association "Association of historians of Kostanay region", AkhmetBaitursynov's prize laureate, honorary citizen of Kostanay, "Kazyna" prize laureate of Kostanay patrons club in the category of "Cultural heritage". Ivan Kondratievich told the students about the War.

On the 2nd of May docent of the department of linguistics and translation of Nizhnevartovsk State Humanities University Plastinina Nina Anatolyevna held a seminar for the teachers of the faculty of foreign languages and also for Zarechensky high school, Zatobolsk grammar school and Physical-Mathematical Lyceum of Kostanay teachers of English in the project scopes of the department of foreign languages "From innovations to daily practice". Nina A. shared her experience of using the Internet resources and Internet sources of materials: photos, videos, textbooks on the English lessons.

April 18, 2013 a meeting with a professor at Berlin Freie University was held, in the field of special methods of teaching foreign languages and pedagogy, senior expert Volker Raddatts SES. The theme of his speech "Innovative technologiesof teaching foreign languages. "Teachers and studentsof the Faculty of Foreign Languages participated in the discussion and shared their experience in the field of foreign language teaching methodology. Volker Raddatts later expressed a desire to collaborate with teachers and students of KSPI.

The 15th of April, 2013, the teachers and the students of the faculty of the foreign languages met with the teacher of history Erin Towns, USA, Tennessee, and the teacher of geography Kristi Neuroth, USA, Maine. The teachers of the foreign countries have shared teaching experience, have talked about the USA system of education, about the quality of knowledge assessment. Also they have talked about the program by means of which they had got the opportunity for meeting the teachers and the students of KSPI.

The 11th of April, 2013, JakiKaje, the doctor of philology and didactics, President of Board of directors of the centers for studying French, Vice President of Forum Héracles, director of the center for studying French of Via Domitia University of the city of Perpignan, France arrived to KSPI. The aim of his arrival to carry out lectures and practical lessons on discipline "Methodology of teaching French" for 3rd years students of the faculty of foreign languages, of specialty "Foreign language:

Here's the springtime! Time, when the students of the faculty of foreign languages take part in the all-institute community work days. On the 11th of April, 2013, the dean of the faculty E.L.Doroshok, the chairperson M.I.Kudritskaya, the teachers and the second year students 21EK, 22EK, 23EK and 21GR, having armed with shovels, rakes and brooms, went outside to clean the territory. The students were in a good mood, with music, honestly treated carrying out this action.

April 11, 2013 in Kostanai State Pedagogical Institute Jacqui Kaye, Doctor of Philology and didactics, the President of the Board of Directors of the centers for the study of the French language, the Vice President of the Forum Héracles, director of the Center for the Study of French ViaDomitia the University of Perpignan, France arrived.

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