November 5, 2013. In Krasnookiabrskaya school there was held a public seminar on the theme: "The organization of independent work of students on history lessons." The instructor Isenov O.I., Anasova A.B., Baidaly R.J. made a presentation on the issue and school teachers in their turn shared the problems they faced to in small schools.

October 26-27, 2013. The teachers of the Department of Arts Shegay Julia (Academic vocal) and Belozer Lyudmila (concertmaster) became the laureates (I place) in "Academic vocal Awards " in the category of "Teacher - soloist " of the 1st Republican contest of musical creativity «MUSIC - SOUVENIR KZ» held in Astana. The organizer of the competition was the Center for Creative Initiatives «Art aspect» with the support of an affiliate of the Composers Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Astana and the Public Association of Composers of Karaganda region "Balausa".

Within the week of the department of foreign languages 21.10.2013 - 26.10.2013. Associate Professor Ismagulova GK, Senior Teachers Doschanova BM, , Rakhmetova AA, and Ivanova E., held an exhibition of students' and teachers' works. 26.10.13- Kudritskaya MI, Ph.D., Head of the Department of Foreign Languages held an interactive lecture on «Modeling a foreign language class» Students were actively involved in the discussion, offering their solutions, gave examples of exercises for inclusion in traditional and contemporary model classes in a foreign language. Smagulova AS, Senior Teacher prepared a Talk show «The future of our planet» (3 course - English).

24 Oct. 2013 in Kostanai State Pedagogical Institute at the Faculty of Foreign Languages the international scientific-practical conference "Cross-cultural and multilingual education in the modern world" was held. The conference was attended by Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations, Professor - Abil E., Evelyn Domain, Ph D, director of the English Language Center at the University of Makau, China, Zsolt Hust, assistant professor at the University of Pecs, Hungary, Mihaly Freshli, PhD, associate professor at the University of West Hungary, Institute of Slavic Studies, Hungary, Ospanova AS, Professor KSPI - with the report «Au Kazakhsan, le français devient une langue pratique et utile. Le français à Kostanay, petite ville dans le Nord du Kazakhstan »

In the framework of the Week of the Department of Foreign Languages Ospanova AS, Professor KSPI was conducted an open session "Teaching Intercultural Communication on the French lesson with the use of patriotic songs." It was based on the material analysis of the songs of Jean Fehr "My France". The presentation of songs and movies for linguistic and socio-cultural analysis were used.

October 12, 2013 teachers of the faculty of History and Art - head of the Department of World History and social sciences Samarkin S.V., head of the Department of Arts Sapieva M.S., Associate Professor of World History and Art Yarochkina E.V., senior Lecturer, Department of History of Kazakhstan Baidaly R.Zh., in accordance with the plan of career guidance visited 3 Mendygara school district (n. Mendygara).

October 11, 2013 curator Podavets OD and group 45 held the curatorial hour devoted to the topic "Blossom and Sing My Kazakhstan" Students recited poems about Kazakhstan and showed a presentation about our homeland. On the 11th of October, 2013 curator Podavets O.D. and the monitor KapanovaJ., 45AR, held curatorial hour on the theme of "Color and shinemy Kazakhstan". They have invited the dean of FFL Doroshok E.L., and lecturer in foreign languages and practical linguistics. Students recited poems about Kazakhstan and showed a presentation about our homeland.

On the October, 11th, 2013 curatorial hour was held on the topic "Reproductive health and family planning", inviting experts of «Kazakhstan Association for Sexual and Reproductive Health" Shaburova N.B., Platopkina E.V.(39 FR-MikitenkoI.). Students of the 12AK, 13AK, 18AR, 32AK, 24AR, 26GR took part in this event.

Celebreting 'The day of the crain' in our institute became a good tradition. the event was an expecially action which has been organised for that day. The 'EMF' and 'FiFi' club have taken part in that event. It was very interesting programme. The students were under the impression. The students of profession 'Biology' were the best. All were very positive and cheerful.

September 27, 2013 joyful and full of emotions 1st year students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages have been through a temporary threshold when they become the real students with student card and record books in their hands. Holiday for 1 course consisted of two bright parts. First official - with dancing and singing, and the second stage was the initiation of the 3rd year students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. They organized an interesting competition with quizzes, inventing names and logos of their new, but already rallied group.

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