On November 8, 2019, teachers of the Department of arts participated in the XVIII International scientific and creative forum " Scientific schools. youth in science and culture of the XXI century", conducted by the Chelyabinsk state Institute of culture.The forum served as a platform for the formation and presentation of scientific schools.The objectives of the forum are reflected in the following areas of work: fixation and presentation of domestic and foreign scientific schools; popularization of scientific ideas; exchange of ideas and their approbation; fixation of research trends; accumulation of effective international scientific contacts and the formation of a professional community on this basis; expansion of intercultural dialogue space; positioning of human capital; initiation of projects of intercultural cooperation in the socio-cultural sphere.

November 5-7, 2019 Demisenova sh. s. Ph. D., associate Professor of the Department of psychology and defectology, Baubekova G. K. M. p., senior lecturer of the Department of natural Sciences held a training seminar " Improving the quality of working educational (syllabus)" with the Faculty of the University. U. Sultangazina in the framework of the Program "6 steps". The seminar discussed the model of student-centered learning, methodological changes accompanying the structural element of the syllabus.

November 7, 2019 students of the 2nd year of Kostanay state pedagogical University. U. Sultangazina the specialty "Vocational training" within the discipline "Extracurricular work on technology and labor" under the guidance of senior lecturer of the Department of Informatics, robotics and computer technology Shalgimbekova Aliya Batyrkhanovna, were on a tour in the city school of technical creativity. The tour was conducted by Deputy Director Natalia Zubko. She acquainted with the goals and objectives of the school, told about the achievements of children in creative activities.

The curatorial hour “Chemists about the benefits of milk” brought together fourth-year and first-year chemical students (curators O. Chernyavskaya and M. Gubenko). The development of the event was planned in the form of a design assignment for the SRO for food chemistry (Assistant Prof. N. Vazheva). During the event, milk was analyzed from all sides - both as a food product, and as a complex physical and chemical system, including various substances useful to the human body. 

On November 4, 2019, students of the 3rd year of the OP "History" in the classroom on the methodology of teaching history conducted a 2-hour coaching on the updated content of education. Updating the content of education in the Republic of Kazakhstan sets a main goal: improving the pedagogical skills of teachers in the context of updating the educational program and the introduction of a system of criteria-based assessment. Students in the classroom showed how they own the methods and technology of teaching history to a modern school. Practiced in the preparation of a plan-a summary of the lesson, on a given topic. Explained how to work with the electronic diary "Kundelek". Developed tasks to prepare for the SOR and SES on various topics.

November 1, teacher of the department of Theory and Practice of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism D. Zhumekenova held an open lesson on the history of physical culture and sports at the 3rd course among students of the specialty "Physical Culture and Sports". The lesson was held in an interactive form - "Own game." The goal of the open lesson was to deepen students' knowledge of the discipline under study and to arouse interest in independent study of the discipline.

Within the framework of the program for the development of the program "Tourism", students plan the organization and provision of sports programs for tourism in the multi-city. Also, as of October 2019, students of 3-4 courses of educational program `` Tourism '' will be organized on the basis of the `` Golden phase '' based on sports tourism (tourist multi-city) on the site of the college. The coordinator and the main organizer of all the meropathy of Rysmukhambetova Alma student 4 courses of the educational program "Tourism".

Students of the educational program "Fine arts and drawing" Sapi Gulzat and Zhumataeva Linara became the holders of diplomas of the 2nd degree of the Republican competition of scientific works and projects of students-2019. Research topic – «Design of the exterior of the city mosque: traditions and modern trends in Islamic architecture (for example, Kostanay)» On 30.10.2019 rector Erkin Amanzholuly solemnly presented the diploma on behalf of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the students. 

The 4th year student of the specialty "Russian language and literature" Christina Stadnik took the third place according to the results of the Republican competition of research works. The supervisor-candidate of Philology, associate Professor of the Department of Philology Segizbayeva K. K. The theme of the scientific work is "Evaluative nouns with the meaning of the person". The research of Stadnik K. was made in the lingo cultural aspect, the object of the description which is evaluative vocabulary as an integrated unit of language and culture, a unit of the language picture of the world, which is reflecting the specific features of the national worldview. 

On October 27, 2019, Nur Sultan hosted the II international multi-genre competition-festival "Golden placer".The contest-festival was organized by the art-Culture Competition Committee with the support of the Association of Kazakhstan ayelderi; Public Association "Russian cultural center"; Russian center of science and culture in Kazakhstan, Rossotrudnichestvo; and the Dance portal of Kazakhstan Art Dance.

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