November 29, 2013. The Department of World History and social science disciplines, teachers Aydnalieva A.T., Zhusupbekova G.E., Ragatova M.O., and 3-year student of the Foundations of Law and Economics organized a business game "Expo-2017". It was attended by the 1st year students of the Foundations of Law and Economics. At the beginning of the event was a presentation on the topic of a business game.

On the eve of the Day of the First President – the Leader of the Nation Nursultan Nazarbayev the advocacy group of the Department of World History and social sciences held interviews and public lectures. The group events were carried out according to the approved schedule. The group was formed by experienced teachers of the department - Samarkin S.V., Shevchenko L.Y., Nazarov S., Alshanova B.H., Amantaeva A.B., Skrynsky I.M., Yarochkin E.V., Razuvaeva M.V. During 22 to 28th of November the following events were held:

November 28, 2013 Podavets OD, Senior teacher of the Department of Foreign Languages held the Olympiad among students of the 4th course, the results of which certificates for 1st place Bolgerdt V. (81.5 points), 2nd place - Mukuzhanova A. (79.5 points) and 3rd place - A Rakhmatullina . (70 points). The jury were Doroshok EL, Dean FFL, Kudritskaya MI, Head. FLC. and Danilov VV, Master of Ped Psy sci.

On the 25th of December at the House of Friendship there was a presentation of the second volume of the book "Kustanaj - Kostanay: essays on the history." The edition authors shared the outcomes of the work - KSPI professor Ternovoy I.K. (Editor), Chief of the Department of World History and social sciences Samarkin S.V., Doctor of Historical sciences Legkiy D.M., ethnographer Karataev A.V., Archivist of the highest category Alexeenko M.A. and others. The presentation was accompanied by a concert. The public, students and teachers of secondary schools who attended the event praised the work of historians and ethnographers.

November 25, 2013 in the auditorium of the hostel students KGPI 3 year degree "Fine arts and drawing" under Art. teacher Narumovа M.V. was held creative master class on "New Year with their own hands." The master-class was attended by students of all specialties of the Faculty of History and Art, living in a dorm. The boys met with different methods and techniques of decorating Christmas interior, Christmas gifts. During the practical work students performed Christmas ornaments in the art bumagoplastiki. The knowledge and skills during the master class can be used in conditions of school practice, as well as decorating your home, dorm room.

19 November 2013. PhD Kudritskaya MI held an open session on pedagogy in English for biology specialty. The theme of the interactive lecture was "Implementation of the principles of humanistic pedagogy in modeling lessons in biology." Students defended projects of teaching biology in English. There is a good level of English language proficiency among students of multilingual groups. The lesson was attended by the Dean FFL Doroshok EL, dean EYF Konysbaeva DT, teachers of the departments of FFL and the NMS.

November 13, 2013. The teachers of the department of History of Kazakhstan on the basis of Krasnooktyabrskiy school held scientific-methodical and practical conference "Small schools: Present and Prospects of development".

Senior teachers of the faculty of Foreign Languages Kushneruk MI and Kinzhibaeva AS during the period from 11.04.13 to 12.11.2013 attended courses in Valencia Polytechnic University (Valensiya, Spain). Stage 1 (online learning) Module1: Modern approaches in the system of continuous (uninterrupted) education. Module 2: Technologies of self-development, self-improvement, self-realization Module 3: System of assessing the results of education. Module 4: Modern information (digital) technologies in teaching and learning.

November 11, 2013. At the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography there was held photo exhibition on the theme "Archaeology, Expeditions, tools, economy and life from ancient times to the present day", made by the hands of students of the historical research community. Photo exhibition told the story of the first tools of ancient man, everyday objects of ancient culture, the most famous archaeological expeditions of G.Shliman, A.Evans, D.Carter, ancient tombs of Egyptian pharaohs, Chinese emperors, megaliths, dolmens and menhirs. Also, a separate exhibition of photos was dedicated to the Archeology of Kazakhstan - famous nature reserve Tamgali – Tas with petroglyphs on rocks, Mesolithic tools found in Kazakhstan.

November 7, 2013. The head the Department of World History and social sciences Samarkin S.V. organized public lecture-seminar on "Problems of teaching local history in small schools" in Alexander school of Kostanay district. With the help of Methodists and the headmaster (Kovlyushenko Svetlana) there was defined a plan for further cooperation, including the involvement to the development of training programs for humanities.

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