Webinar-workshop at the Department of preschool and primary education "Opportunities for distance education"

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are becoming more and more pervasive in various areas of educational activity every day. This is facilitated by external factors related to the widespread Informatization of society and the need for appropriate training of specialists, as well as internal factors related to the spread of modern computer equipment and software in educational institutions.

The main role in the implementation of Informatization of education belongs to the teacher. Therefore, the ability to use new information and communication technologies in teaching is one of the most important competencies today in the transition to distance education throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan.

On April 14, 2020, the Department of preschool and primary education organized a webinar-workshop "opportunities for distance education". The speakers of the webinar were teachers of the Department – Ageeva A. A. and Kapitanets U.V., the other teachers were listeners of the webinar.

Ageeva A. A. presented to the audience an algorithm for creating a video clip in a PowerPoint presentation, after which the teachers tried to make a similar video themselves.

Kapitanets U. V. described in detail and showed all the features of the Zoom program that teachers can use when organizing their classes. This was followed by a practical part of working with this program, where the speaker helped teachers cope with difficulties.

The training was very active, the teachers of the Department were interested in getting new useful information, so this webinar can be considered relevant during the period of distance education.

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