November 26, 2018 in the framework of the discipline "Enhancing sports skills in the chosen sport" was held a joint event of the Department of Theory and Practice of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Library and Scientific Center. The senior lecturer of the department, associate professor of the Higher Attestation Commission Biktasheva Galiya Sharafovna conducted a workshop on the discipline at the information and library center, where first-year students of the specialty “Physical culture and sport” could get acquainted with international scientific works on the discipline using the Elsevier and Thompson Reutors electronic information portals.

From November 23 to November 24, students of the Faculty of Physical Education, Sports and Tourism organized and held city competitions on the technique of sport tourism among students of educational institutions and students. The main purpose of this event was to promote healthy lifestyles and attract students to engage in sports tourism and active recreation. As part of the competition was held a separate competition for captains, and the teams also showed their knowledge and skills in tourism techniques in the tourist obstacle course. The participants acted in two classes “A” and “B”.

On November 22 at the Faculty of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism was held a discussion on the article “Seven Facets of the Great Steppe” written by president of the state N.A. Nazarbayev. The teachers got acquainted in advance with this article. During the discussion, the teachers of the department expressed their opinions on all the main sections of this article. The event on the discussion of the article held the head of Department Ogienko N.A., who gave the floor to teachers to express their own opinions on this issue.

Since November 19, at the Faculty of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism, a poster competition was held, timed to coincide with the International Day against AIDS "Sport against AIDS." World AIDS Day - International UN Day, celebrated on December 1. WHO was first proclaimed in 1988, and since 1996 UNAIDS has been conducting it. The day was established to raise awareness of the AIDS epidemic caused by the spread of HIV, and also as a day to commemorate the victims of this disease.

On November 6-7, was held a financial educational program for students and teachers of the university and students of the Faculty of Physical Education, Sports and Tourism. The event was organized by Ibraeva Rakhima Zhaudanovna, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Theory and Practice of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism. The initiator was the National Bank of Kazakhstan. The seminar “Basic Principles of Effective Financial Management” was attended by more than 70 people, the most active participants received certificates.

On November 7, within the framework of a social project, was held a meeting at the faculty of physical culture, sports and tourism with a representative of «Nadezhda Plus» Ltd. Victoria Viktorovna Sherniyazova, who organized a shelter for homeless animals. Viktoria Viktorovna held a small introductory lecture with the students of freshmen’s on the topic “Responsibility to our smaller brothers”. Student group 18-21, led by the curator Shkvarenko N.S. wanted to provide all possible assistance to the shelter and bought dog food.

On November 6, 2018, in the framework of the explanation of the program “Ruhani Zhangyru”, there was a meeting of the head of the project office Balgabayeva Gaukhar Zakariyanovna with the 1st year students of the specialty “physical culture and sport”. During the meeting, Gaukhar Zakariyanovna shared information about the main directions implemented under this program: competitiveness, pragmatism, preservation of national identity, the Cult of knowledge, Evolutionary development and openness of consciousness. We also announced projects that are being implemented on the basis of our university.

On November 6, was held a meeting at the faculty of physical culture, sports and tourism with a graduate of the sports faculty, Karatayev A.V. The meeting was attended by 3-year students of the specialty "Physical Culture and Sport" and 1-year students of the specialty "Tourism", Dean of the faculty of PESaT Kifik N.Y., head of the local lore club, dean of the faculty of additional and distance education Samarkin S.V., chairman of department of T&PFKSiT Ogienko N.A., lecturer of the department TiPFKSiT I. Gurskaya. Students had the opportunity to get acquainted with the interesting life and activities of their comrade-in-arms, retired lieutenant colonel of the National Security Committee, scholar, local historian, writer, poet.

Kostanay State Pedagogical University represented by the rector Ye.B.A. and Kifik N.Yu. Dean of the Faculty of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism participated in the exhibition of the projects of the Erasmus + program together with KSU. Ch.Valikhanov (Kokshetau) and Kokshetau University. A.Myrzahmetova. At the exhibition, we presented the joint work done on the ACADEMICA project. All materials that were developed over the course of three years during this project were presented. This was how Compendium ACADEMICA was introduced, developed in two languages ​​in Russian and English; also interim project reports in two languages; presentations of electronic courses within the project; modernized syllabus, electronic course for teachers; project brochures; nine information letters reflecting the main stages of the project activities.

September 29, 2018 the Eurasian National University named Gumilyov hosted the first Republican Olympiad in sports tourism! Our university at this Olympiad was represented by students of the 2-3 courses of the specialty “Tourism” Rsmukhambetova Alma, Akhmetov Yerlan, Khamatnurov Vlad, Kaztayev Yeldos, Tokseitova Zhanna and the head of the group senior teacher of the theory and practice of physical culture, sports and tourism department, honored instructor of the RK Ogienko Igor Vladimirovich.

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