On December 26, the feeling of veterans of sports, which was organized by the Council of Veterans of Kostanay region and the Faculty of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism, was held. The organizing committee of the event included: USSR Master of Sports in Athletics, judge of the international category Nosenko V.A., Master of Sports in Mototourism, Master of Sports of the USSR in Tourism Sinitsin N.I., Master of Sports of the USSR in classical wrestling, Honored Coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Kazaksha Kures, Honorary Professor of the KSPI Sarsenbayev O.K.

Akim of Kostanay region Archimedes Mukhambetov congratulated and presented them with sports awards the sports heroes of the region. The top 10 athletes included 5 students of the faculty: MSMK RK in powerlifting among people with disabilities, Asian champion, World Cup medalist Tursynay Kabyl; MS RK on kettlebell lifting Semen Turchenko, MC RK in boxing, winner of the Youth Olympiad in Buenos Aiross, Nadezhda Ryabets; RK MC on polyathlon Aibek Baidildinov; MS IL in speed skating, participant of 23 winter Olympics in Phenjkan Anastasiya Kresova.

A first-year student of the specialty “Physical Culture and Sports” Nadezhda Ryabets became a laureate according to the results of the competition “5 new persons in the field of higher education of the Kostanay region”. Nadezhda Ryabets is a master of sports in boxing, a four-time champion of Kazakhstan in boxing, a prize-winner and champion of international tournaments, a bronze prize-winner of the youth Olympic Games. The awarding of winners of the regional competition was held on December 14 in the Kostanay branch of ChelSU.

It has already become a good tradition at the Faculty of Physical Education, Sports and Tourism to hold the traditional subject Olympiad for students of the 3rd and 4th courses of the specialty "Physical Education and Sport" in the discipline "Theory and Methods of Physical Culture." The Olympiad was held in two stages in theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The first round was held on November 30 in the form of testing, over 100 students of 3.4 courses took part in this round. Results of the 1st round: the 3rd course of the Russian department scored 36.2 points; 3 course Kazakh branch scored 29.8 points.

At the end of November, took place the scheduled meeting of Caspian Academy General Director Kamran Aliyev with students of the specialties of Tourism, Physical Education and Sport and Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages ​​regarding internships in Turkey in the luxury hotels of Antalya. Kamran Aliyev presented the avenues for the luxury hotels in Antalya. He told what is included in the internship program in Turkey, what are the living conditions, working conditions. What are the additional opportunities for staying in the Turkish Republic?

From 26 to 30 November 2018, the week of the Department of Theory and Practice of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism was held. As part of the celebration of the week of the department, an international tourism festival "Europe-Asia" was organized, the program of which included: International conference for teachers, Participants KSPU named after U. Sultanganzin, Turan University, Almaty, Slovakia; festival of tourist and patriotic songs; subject Olympiad, which took place over a period of two days and included a test of the theoretical and practical knowledge of students.

On November 30, took place an inter-faculty comedy game, with the participation of 6 teams from different faculties and a student hostel team. The Faculty of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism was represented by the “Khrushchev Team”, which included students of the group of 18-21 Vishnyakov Ilya, Korschikov Anton, Nafikov Ruslan, Kaipov Adil, Turchenko Semyon, and 3rd year student Abdrakhmanova Gaukhar. At the game, our team showed a decent level of acting, excellent style, sense of humor and self-irony, which won the hearts of the fans.

From 28 to 29 November within the framework of the tourist festival "Europe-Asia" at the Faculty of Physical Education, Sports and Tourism was held the subject Olympiad. The participants was students of the specialty "Tourism" and the invited team of the University "Turan" (Almaty). The goal was to improve the educational and extracurricular work of students, the development of their creative abilities and enhance scientific activity, as well as create the conditions for the disclosure of professional and personal potential and self-realization.

November 28, 2018 passed the International Student Online meeting on the theme “The system of practical training of future professionals in the field of tourism and service in the context of credit technology training.” 4 courses of the specialty “Tourism” KSPU and students of the 1st course of the specialty “Tourism” of the University “Turan” (Almaty), teachers of the department of TPPES, Tutor of the University “Turan” Petrishcheva N.E. Lecturers of the University “Turan” (Almaty), Doctor of Economics, Andrei Klapitsa, Director of the non-profit organization for the economy and development of tourism in Slovakia, Piestany region.

On November 27, at the Faculty of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism among young people, was held a photo contest at the Europe-Asia tourist festival.The goal of contest revealing interesting and attractive aspects of travel and tourism’s international life and developing amateur photographers, promoting creative activities through photography. and photography art among students, schoolchildren, college students and university guests from other regions of Kazakhstan. Applications were accepted from November 23 to November 26, on November 27 the final of the competition was held.

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