The curator's hour had been carried out on February 17, 2016 at Faculty of physical culture, sport and tourism. The subject of it was A.Bukeyhanov and his role in the formation of the state. Students of the second and third year of the specialty "Tourism" took part in this action. Students have got acquainted with the biography of A. Bukeykhanov and his political activity.

There was a meeting with the honored trainer of the Republic of Kazakhstan on boxing Olzhabayev K. at faculty of physical culture, sport and tourism, which has shared experience in trainer's work with students has taken place, I have told about the pupils and as they achieve good results. Olzhabayev K. handed the certificate of the Master of Sports of RK in boxing to the 1-st year student Smailov D. Dean's office joins congratulations and wishes success in sport.

The consent and stability are priorities of domestic policy of Kazakhstan and necessary conditions of development of our state and improvement of welfare of citizens therefore at faculties of the Kostanay state teacher training college the meetings devoted to prevention of religious extremism are organized.

On February 4, 2016 teachers of Faculty of physical culture, sport and tourism and 3 year students have participated in a seminar "Features of estimation for training with use of ICT" which was carried out in Nazarbayev Intellectual school of the physical and mathematical direction.

On February 1 at faculty of physical culture, sport and tourism among students 3 courses discussion on an explanation of the article "The Plan of the Nation — the Way to the Kazakhstan Dream" which had been prepared by Batyrguzhin Amir the 3 year student. Conversation has turned out very warm and confidential. Students were actively interested in plans of the leader of the nation and formation of the new "Kazakhstan dream".

Congratulation to 1-year student of the faculty of physical education, sport and tourism Zabolotny Alexey, performed the standard of the master of sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan in skating. Competitions were held on ice in the sports world famous ice rink "Alau" in Astana from 24 to 28 October 2014 in the framework of the Championship of Kazakhstan on certain distances. It was attended by all the strongest runners of the country, including World Champion Denis Kuzin. Alex was the best among juniors. We wish you further achievements in sports!

In sports program of XXth regional inter-institutional festival "Student spring 2014" "Mangilik El – Mangilik Kazakhstan", held on the basis of Kostanay state pedagogical institute, ended up the first type of contests on togyz kumalak. In the team ranks among male youth, places were distributed in the following order: 1st place – KSPI, 2nd place – KSU named after A.Baytursynov, 3rd place – ArkSPI named after Y.Altynsarin.

Among events dedicated to 75th anniversary of Kostanay state pedagogical institute, held by the faculty of "Physical education, sports and tourism" on the second of May was carried out an open tournament in Zhudyryktasu involving the strongest fighters from Kazakhstan.

In the end of an April at the ski lodge of KSPI were carried out sports contests on table tennis and darts among students lived in dormitory. The competition was held among boys and among girls. According to the results of the competition prizes were distributed in table tennis as follows: among boys the first become Doskaliev M. (NMF 3 course), second place – Aburakhmanov L. (NMF, 2 course), third place – Sygymbayev B. (NMF, 3 course). In comparison with boys, more strenuous competition took place among girls as number of participants was twice. A champion among girls was: Aznabayeva R, second and third places took Angamova I and Duysenova A. respectively.

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