Academic mobility program for teachers in action

Honored coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan, senior lecturer of the Department of Theory and Practice of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism, Igor Alekseyevich Shilov from April 14 to April 21, 2019 in Magnitogorsk (Russia) at Magnitogorsk Technical University. GI Nosova at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sportsmanship a series of guest lectures and master classes were held as part of the academic mobility program.

In the period from April 15 to April 18, lectures were held for students of the Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports Excellence in the discipline "Theory and methodology of selected sports (strength sports) and master classes for coaches of Magnitogorsk.

From April 18 to April 20, lectures were given to students on the topic “General physical training of athletes”, during which questions were considered about the characteristics and significance of general physical training in sports, about the conditions for physical training; about general physical training programs. A presentation was made on the theme “The introduction of innovative technologies in the powerlifting training and training process”. This technology allows the student to build their own educational path when studying the discipline and, based on a computer program, form an individual training program taking into account anthropometric indicators and physical fitness.

 As part of the visit, a master class was held for the coaches of Magnitogorsk on the topic “Strength training programs for various sports” and the training base for the students of the faculty and the sports camp located in the village of Abzakovo for conducting athletic training sessions were studied.

Upon completion of the proposed program, a meeting was held with the leadership of the university during which they shared the experience of universities in the field of sports, identified the main areas of cooperation for the future.

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