Lectures by professors from Bulgaria for students of the specialty "Tourism"

At the invitation of Kostanay State Pedagogical University, Faculty of Physical Culture, Sports and tourism was invited by the professor of marketing in the tourism industry Lina Anastasova, who since April 3 has been working with students of the specialty "Tourism". She considered the main topics of tourism marketing, including: Strategic marketing planning - the basics and stages of development; Strategic marketing analysis tools - SWOT and portfolio analysis; Marketing strategy development; Setting marketing objectives: long-term and short-term, quantitative and qualitative goals for the future. Segmentation, targeting and positioning (target marketing); Segmentation process and segmentation criteria of the tourist market; Targeted marketing: a system of selection criteria; Capacity assessment; Product planning in tourism and hotels; Branding and pricing in the tourism business.

In addition to theoretical lessons, the program provides practical classes in which students must draw up a course project entitled “Developing a strategic marketing plan for a destination or a hotel to enter a new international market”. For the development of course projects, students are also offered individual consultations with the teacher.

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