Lectures on physiology for students of PESaT faculty

In the framework of the agreement between Kostanay State Pedagogical University and Magnitogorsk State Technical University named G.I. Nosov on the faculty of physical culture, sports and tourism was invited the head of the department of physical culture, candidate of biological sciences Tsapov Yevgeny Gennadyevich. He conducts the course of «Sports Physiology» for students of the 3rd course of the specialty "Physical Culture and Sport" from February 12 to February 16, 2019.

When studying this discipline, students were introduced to the main issues of sports physiology, namely:

  • Adaptation to muscle activity and functional reserves of the body. General principles and mechanisms of adaptation; indicators of fitness in the conditions of rest, with testing and limit loads; functional reserves of the body.
  • Physiological classification and characteristic of sports exercises.
  • Physiological classification of body conditions in sports activities.
  • Physiological mechanisms of development and manifestation of motor qualities.
  • The physiological basis of the formation of motor skills.
  • Physiological substantiation of the classification of training loads, principles and planning of sports training.
  • The physiological basis of sports activities in special environmental conditions. Features of thermoregulation in conditions of high temperature and humidity.
  • The physiological basis of training, sports orientation and selection of young athletes. Age development at school age; physiological substantiation of sports orientation and selection; taking into account hereditary factors in sports selection; heritability of morphofunctional features; heritability of manifestation of physical qualities; accounting of family heredity in sports selection.

In the process of studying this discipline, students had the opportunity to ask their questions to the teacher.

According to the results of the course, students were assessed. This discipline will be entered in the students' transcript.


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