Subject Olympiad in the specialty "Physical Culture and Sports"

It has already become a good tradition at the Faculty of Physical Education, Sports and Tourism to hold the traditional subject Olympiad for students of the 3rd and 4th courses of the specialty "Physical Education and Sport" in the discipline "Theory and Methods of Physical Culture." The Olympiad was held in two stages in theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The first round was held on November 30 in the form of testing, over 100 students of 3.4 courses took part in this round. Results of the 1st round: the 3rd course of the Russian department scored 36.2 points; 3 course Kazakh branch scored 29.8 points; 4 course Russian department - 33.1 points; 4 course Kazakh branch scored 0.8 points.

Round 2 - practical was held on December 7, 40 students took part in it. As a jury, the leading teachers of the faculty of practical training (head of the department of physical culture NISH JSC Dmitry Chentsov) were invited to the 2nd round. During the second round 5 contests were presented: “Competition of sports and recreation sheets”, “Carrying out warm-ups with solving special tasks”, “Solving pedagogical problems using dramatization”, “Protecting the model of a modern teacher-master”, “Competition for the best development of extracurricular activities on physical culture ".

The teams came up creatively with the assignments, the students drew to the first assignment of the newspaper and adequately defended them. On the second assignment, the students prepared and conducted various types of training, which they got by lot, both coaching and creative abilities were displayed here. The third rear demanded acting skills in the drawing of the proposed pedagogical situations and knowledge of the subject to solve them. The fourth task was to protect the master teacher model, the students prepared their models in advance and, in their presentation, presented, in their opinion, the ideal teacher of physical culture. To perform the fifth task, students not only prepared the development of an extra-curricular event, but also conducted the event with the audience.

All the competitions held were bright, interesting and provoked the approval and support of their teams. Following two rounds, the 1st place was taken by the BEMS team (3rd year Russian department), 2nd place was taken by the 15-19 team (4th year Russian department), 3rd place was taken by the Bolashak team of the 3rd year Kazakh department and the 4th place was taken by the 4th year team Kazakh branch. All teams were awarded certificates and prizes. For the 1st place was awarded the winner’s cup. Prizes were given to all team captains (Abdrakhmanova Gaukhar, Tuyanakov Nursultan, Osipov Vladimir, Darush Sahi) and the most distinguished players (Askerov Askhat, Golubeva Natalya, Tyurina Anastasia, Zhumagulova Diana, Votchel Vladimir).



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