Photo contest in the framework of the festival "Europe-Asia"

On November 27, at the Faculty of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism among young people, was held a photo contest at the Europe-Asia tourist festival.The goal of contest revealing interesting and attractive aspects of travel and tourism’s international life and developing amateur photographers, promoting creative activities through photography. and photography art among students, schoolchildren, college students and university guests from other regions of Kazakhstan.

Among the applications for participation were selected 9 finalists, who presented 41 photographs in the following nominations: cultural heritage of Kazakhstan; in harmony with nature; in the lens of interesting places of the native land; flora and fauna of the native land; weekdays tourist.


  1. Tourists club "Sayakhat",
  2. Orlov Anton,
  3. Atroshchenko Olga,
  4. Tokseitova Zhanna,
  5. Petrishcheva Nina,
  6. Kastorsky D.
  7. Asanova Balzhan,
  8. Bokareva Marina.
  9. Huseynova Sabina.

Applications were accepted from November 23 to November 26, on November 27 the final of the competition was held. The photos were exhibited at the stands in the lobby in front of the assembly hall during the opening of the festival, where the participants were awarded.

The main criterion for admission to the photo contest was: the application for the competition, photographs corresponding to the topics and nominations, photographs in printed form in a format of at least A5 (15x21).

The main experts were: Kifik N.Yu. - Dean of the faculty of PEST, Gurskaya I.F. - Senior Lecturer of the Department of TPPEST. Also in the organization of this event were involved the members of the department TPPEST - Malshakova V.V., Ogienko N.A., Shkvarenko N.S., coordinator - 4th year student of the specialty “Tourism” Tuyakpayeva Lyaila.

The strict jury of the competition, consisting of 3 people, evaluated the photos according to the following criteria: compliance with the topics and nominations; aesthetic level; photo quality; originality; artistic value.

According to the results of the jury evaluation, the winners were identified in 5 nominations.

  • Cultural heritage of Kazakhstan: Petrishcheva Nina (Turan, Almaty);
  • In harmony with nature: Atroshchenko Olga (KSPU, PPF);
  • In the lens, interesting places of the native land: Petrishcheva Nina (Turan, Almaty);
  • Flora and fauna of the native land: Bokareva Marina (“Turan”, Almaty);
  • Weekday tourist: Anton Orlov (KSPU, PEAST).

The winners of the competition were awarded with certificates and memorable prizes of the rector of the KSPU.


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