September 1 at the faculty physical culture, sports and tourism

The celebration of the Day of Knowledge at the Faculty of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism was held under the auspices of the veteran of the faculty Zotova Lydia Dmitrievna. It was on September 1, veteran Zotova Lidia Dmitrievna celebrated her 90th anniversary. She was invited to the line, where she addressed the freshmen students with parting words and wished them a happy journey on the road of knowledge.

After the Line, Lidia Dmitrievna was invited to a meeting with the students of the 1st year of specialties "Physical Culture and Sport" and "Tourism", where she also had an opportunity to talk about her long and interesting life path. The students had the opportunity to ask questions to the veteran of the faculty. At the end of the meeting Lydia Dmitrievna shared her secret of youth and courage in the verses, which caused a storm of applause among the students.

After the meeting with the students at the faculty, a meeting was held with the teachers of the faculty, many of whom were graduates, students of Lydia Dmitrievna. The meeting took place in an informal atmosphere, each recalling interesting facts from his biography related to this beautiful man. Almost every teacher Lydia Dmitrievna devoted poetic lines. In memory of the meeting, the veteran was awarded a memorable album with retro photos.



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