Тourists at the beauty pagean

From 28 June to 1 July 2018 in Aktobe, student of 3 courses specializing in "Tourism" Abdrakhmanova Dina presented the contest and talent "Tatar girls 2018". At the same time, the girls demonstrated their talents in Tatar language, cauchinaria, defile, intellectual, smart language and handicap competitions.

At the time of the contest, the contest was organized for the all-time excursion on the TV channel "Kazakhstan Aktobe", in which they were able to communicate and to recognize the Friend of Friend. Additionally, the girls went to the classroom with a cup of tea and packaging.

As a result, Abdrakhmanova Dina has been nominated for the title of "girl of the year", which means "the best shustraa" and has been invited to participate in the international competition "Tatry Crimea 2018" in the city of Kazan. Now, Dina will go to the International Women's Tournament 2018.

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