Provided work of the Faculty of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism

The students of the specialty "Physical culture and sport" are eligible to take exams on "General physical preparation" and "Examination of profiles for the preparation".

By the order of the Kostanay State Pedagogical University, the Commission will be commissioned and commissioned by the creative exams involving the faculty of the faculty. July 9 was held in the team, where the entrants will be divided into sports and will be examined on the exam for the exam.
First qualification - professional training (football, hockey, volleyball, basketball, boutiques, boxing, track and field, powerlifting and so on) July 10. The entrants showed themselves in a video sport, proving their identity in terms of specialization.

The second day of the exam on "General physical preparation". The following guidelines will be applied to the following guidelines: pulling on the winding, lifting, jumping in the drain, running at 100 m, running at 3000 m. All results have been checked in special reports.

Every day after the experimental results are deduced. The ball points are fixed in the special sheets and protocols, all defrauded balls are dispatched to the receiving commission, and to the dock at Astana.

In this year's day, we are counting on the number of applicants who have a 1-digit degree, a Candidate in Master Sport, a Master of Sport in sports, and a wide variety of sports.

The applicants choose a painful choice, following the specificity of "Physical culture and sport".





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