Funny starts among the structures of student self-government

On February 22, 2018, the educational and upbringing center of physical training organized «Amusing competitions» among the structures of student self-government. The competition was attended by teams from Zhas Otan, student union, student alliance, KDM, as well as volunteer wing of KSPI.

Funny starts are timed to the celebration of the Day of gratitude to the people of Kazakhstan and included 10 stages, as well as a contest of captains - a match in the game Asyk Atu.

According to the results of the competition, the seats were distributed as follows:

  • The first place is the team "Olympus" (representing the volunteer wing);
  • 2nd place is the team "Profkom";
  • 3rd place team "KDM";
  • 4th place is the team "Zhas Otan";
  • 5th place is the Alliance of Students.

Competitors were awarded with commemorative certificates, and the winners received sweet prizes provided by the student union.



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