Continuing education courses in a new format

Remote technologies expand horizons and make many processes accessible. So for the majority of teachers, further education courses conducted by leading teachers of Nazarbayev University became possible. From the Faculty of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism, the courses were studied by the head. Department of Theory and Practice of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism Ogienko N.A., Senior Lecturers Safargaliva G.N. and Malshakova V.V.

For almost two weeks, teachers at Nazarbayev University shared their experience in the design of educational programs, on management and leadership in education. Moreover, the training was not only theoretical, but also practical. Teachers teaching the formation of educational programs, simultaneously with theoretical knowledge, demonstrated applied skills of using learning platforms in the educational process, elements of group teaching technology. Throughout the entire learning process, teachers at Nazarbayev University built on-line learning, asking problematic questions, setting up the teaching audience to analyze the situation at the university, to analyze the mission and vision of their position at the university.

The main thread of the entire course was the issue of introducing distance learning technologies in the educational process: prospects and possibilities of distance learning technologies. We, as a creative specialty, were interested in the question of the experience of Nazarbayev University in teaching creative disciplines. Valuable recommendations were also received in this matter. Nevertheless, an important aspect of these courses was the idea that everyone is responsible for their educational program, for its uniqueness, for the promotion and further development of their educational program.

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