Round-table conference with employers of educational program "Tourism"

March 4, was a crisp desk with workbooks, guides and students of 3,4 courses training program "Tourism". The program of the desk includes the list of the problems of the development of the programs and the updating of the educational programs on the basis of the professional practical students of "Tourism".

At the round table was presented by the travel agents of the company `` Best KZ '', `` DAN '' RC, the hostess of the hostel business `` Ostrov '', the hostel of the `` Golden Feast '', which was a regional subscript of the local tourist information. Abdallina A.A. The fact is that these four areas are based on the realization of the "Tourism" program.

All that is well-equipped with the textures and contents of the "Tourism" program. By far the best way to be taught these disciplines in the logic of education, by modulating with the characteristic results of the study and the analysis of basic knowledge.

Subordinate analysis of the program "Tourism" this year is provided by the department of TIPFKSiT Ogienko N.A. In addition, the logic and basic principles of characterization of embedded software have been characterized.

As a result of developing a custom program with the help of all the add-ons, all of which prompted the board, the content and rationality of the single program, the choice of the type of the path finder. One way or another, you will be taught how to train the most efficient competencies, how to communicate, and how fast. This is a recommendation for increasing the hours of practice after training in a block of specific disciplines.

Such students also have the ability to guide these disciplines in a variety of practical ways, as well as to prepare a specific discipline that will guide them in practice.

 At the same time, the work desk also worked on the degree of interest in the dual training system, as a part of the student training work in the training period, on the specific training profile of the subsequent study.

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