Practice is the basis of students' professional activities

02 03 2020ffk

So the pedagogical practice of the 3rd year students of the educational program "Physical Culture and Sports" has ended. Professional practice is the most important factor in the formation of professional excellence of students. It is here that students see what they are capable of, they can work with students, they see themselves in the future as educators. Pedagogical practice allows you to create a system of practical skills, identify existing gaps in knowledge, draw a clear parallel between theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Students of the 3rd year of the educational program "Physical Culture and Sports" went through practice in twelve schools of the city of Kostanay. Over the three weeks of teaching practice, students conducted an average of 30 lessons, and individual students conducted more than 50 lessons. At the same time, students conducted lessons, starting with the initial level and ending with high school.

 The logical outcome of the completion of the practice was the final conference, during which the results were summed up, students' reports were heard and grades were made. In each school, students were divided into brigades. Report protection also took place in the form of presentation protection by each brigade.

Students noted the features of the school's material and technical equipment and, as a result, the features of preparing and conducting lessons. The presentation demonstrated fragments of lessons and educational activities held at the school. Students in their speeches noted what they learned during the practice, what difficulties they encountered, what were the relations with the students. In addition, students saw the work of teachers from the inside. The questionnaire and reflection conducted showed that for many students three weeks of teaching practice was not enough to realize their own capabilities.

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