Round table with employers on the preparation of educational programs

On February 26, 2020, a round table was held at the Faculty of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism, entitled “Issues of developing and updating educational programs based on the results of professional practices of students of the Physical Education and Sports EP with the invitation of employers and students who had completed the practice.

The purpose of the round table was: making changes to the content of educational programs taking into account the needs of employers and the experience of professional practice of 3.4-year students.

 The expected results of the round table were: Development of general decisions on making changes to the educational program "Physical Culture and Sports".

The main issues that were considered in the round work were:

  1. Ensuring the quality of the educational process through updating educational programs as one of the working conditions of the international project KUTEL “Universities of Kazakhstan for the improvement of quality assurance processes in teaching using advanced technologies” - Ph.D. Kifik N.Yu
  2. Description of modern conditions and requirements for the development of educational programs. Acted head. Chair T. and PPCSaT Ogienko N.A.
  3. Modern requirements of the labor market, requirements for graduates and their competencies (school teachers, youth sports school methodologists)
  4. Correlation of modern conditions with the requirements for the development of educational programs.

During the round table, an interesting conversation took place regarding the requirements for the modern conditions of education in secondary school in the youth sports school and the higher education system. Attempts were made to correlate modern requirements for building the educational program "Physical Culture and Sports". To this end, school teachers and representatives of the Children's and Youth Sports School asked questions about the analysis of the effectiveness of the educational program, about monitoring the quality of students 'knowledge .. School teachers also made suggestions to deepen the students' practical readiness in certain sports.

Also during the discussion, teachers raised the issue related to the updated education system and teaching students how to prepare a synopsis plan for this system. With a question on the organization of training sessions in the framework of the updated content of education, the teacher of “NIS” Dmitry Chentsov prepared.

Students made a proposal to consolidate theoretical disciplines in practice, i.e. after each discipline, a visit to the school is necessary to demonstrate the lessons in gymnastics, athletics, cross-country skiing, etc.

The discussion of the main issues of the round table aroused great interest among the audience, each teacher, invited guests wanted to speak, share experiences and make suggestions to the educational program.

As a result of the round table, a questionnaire was offered to students and employers, which systematized their statements and suggestions on changing the educational program "Physical Culture and Sports".

Thus, summing up the work of the round table, we can conclude that the discussion of the main issues was productive with the introduction of specific proposals.

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