Provision of tourism in sports tourism with students of "Tourism"

Within the framework of the program for the development of the program "Tourism", students plan the organization and provision of sports programs for tourism in the multi-city. Also, as of October 2019, students of 3-4 courses of educational program `` Tourism '' will be organized on the basis of the `` Golden phase '' based on sports tourism (tourist multi-city) on the site of the college. The coordinator and the main organizer of all the meropathy of Rysmukhambetova Alma student 4 courses of the educational program "Tourism".

The merit of this organization is organized into two groups of groups B - from 5 to 9 classes and category A - the senior class, occupying the college. In the city of 7 units commanded: Autodorozhny college. Boris Romanoskaya middle school, Temiryazeskoy middle school, lyceum school № 1, Lisakovskaya middle school № 17. Mendykarinskaya middle school, the team of students of the 1st course of the OP "Tourism". Parts of the competition led to the following: application of video in scales etc.

The basic meropathy: the propagation of healthy life and the population of tourism in the city. Likewise, your personal business is supported by your professional guidance work.

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