From December 2 to 8, 2019, the Asian Championship in classical powerlifting was held among girls, juniors, women, boys, juniors, men and veterans in Almaty. 22 countries took part in the classic powerlifting competition. The national team of the Republic of Kazakhstan was attended by 13 athletes from the Kostanay region in various age and weight categories.From KSPU, a fourth-year student of the FFKSiT Moldagaliev Adlet spoke in the national team of the Republic of Kazakhstan among men.Moldagaliev Adlet, athlete of the school of higher sports excellence and a 4th year student of KSPU named after U. Sultangazina won a silver medal among men in deadlift with a result of 245 kg and a bronze medal in the event of trials with a result of 545 kg and fulfilled the standard of a master of sports of international class.

Based on the results of the courses on the formation of entrepreneurial skills, students of the 3rd and 4th year of the Faculty of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism and students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences organized the defense of projects developed by students on November 21-22, 2019. Students defended projects in which they presented their ideas for organizing and running their own business. The scientific supervisors of the student projects were N. Ogienko, head of the department of Theory and Practice of Physical Culture. Sports and Tourism, Malshakova V.V. and Bekmukhambetova L.S. teachers of the Department of Theory and Practice of Physical Culture. sports and tourism. The commission for the protection of student projects included: the head of the apparatus of the KSPU Bekmagambetov R.K., dean of the PESaT faculty Kifik N.Yu., dean of the EMF Shumeyko TS, deputy dean of the PESaT Shkvarenko N.S. 

An introductory workshop was held for students of the Faculty of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism and students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences on KUTEL project “Kazak Universities to foster quality assurance processes in Technology Enhanced Learning”, during which students got acquainted with the activities of the University in this international projecton November, 21st, 2019. So, the students were presented with the results of the first international project and demonstrated the main stages of the activities of the second international project. In November 2018, a new project “KUTEL” was launched. This is the second international project where Kostanay State Pedagogical University participates. This project is funded by the European Commission.

November 1, teacher of the department of Theory and Practice of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism D. Zhumekenova held an open lesson on the history of physical culture and sports at the 3rd course among students of the specialty "Physical Culture and Sports". The lesson was held in an interactive form - "Own game." The goal of the open lesson was to deepen students' knowledge of the discipline under study and to arouse interest in independent study of the discipline.

On October 22, 2019, on the basis of U. Sultangazin KSPU in the framework of the joint project of the Ministry of Education and Science of the RK and NPP Atameken to teach 3-4-year students under the program “Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship”, a “guest lecture” was held with a young entrepreneur, a graduate “Zhas kusipker” program - by Abenov Kalikhan and Consultant for Project Support at RPM “Atameken” Ishanov Ruslan. The young entrepreneur Kalikhan told students about the role of youth in the formation of entrepreneurship and the development of the economy of the RK, respectively, about the limitless opportunities in this area.

On October 3, 2019, students of the faculty organized a festive concert - dedicated to the celebration of International Teacher's Day. Students of the Kazakh branch of the specialty Physical Culture and Sports prepared a vivid festival of creative numbers, beautiful verses, words of congratulations and thanks, favorite songs from childhood were sung in honor of the faculty teachers, the celebration ended with a mass flash mob dance and fireworks!

It was decided to hold the final council of the faculty of physical culture, sports and tourism at the suggestion of the university administration in the information and library center. In addition to covering the main issues of the faculty council: on the results of the summer session at the faculty, hearing reports from the dean's office, head of the Department of Theory and Practice of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism, head of the training center for physical training, reports of the chairman of the state certification commission, adoption of work plans for the new academic year, preparation of faculty departments for the new academic year.

From April 15 to April 27 at the Faculty of Physical Education. sports and tourism held methodological seminars on writing articles in foreign scientific journals. The seminar was conducted by Professor, Director of the Marketing Department of the Free University of Burgas (Bulgaria), Candidate of Sociological Sciences Lina Anastasova. At lectures, the professor talked a great deal about the requirements for writing articles in international journals, demonstrated the structure of writing a scientific article, and showed examples of correct and incorrect writing. For each item of the proposed structure she analyzed the spelling in detail.

One of the priorities today is the academic mobility program for both students and teachers. This problem has become the key to the work of the round table. The round table was held on April 25. Teachers of the Theory and Practice of Physical Education, Sports and Tourism, Teaching and Educational Center of Physical Training of the Faculty of Physical Education, Sports and Tourism of Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute and Professor of the Burgas Free University (Bulgaria), Candidate of Sociological Sciences Lina Anastasova took part in the round table.

Honored coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan, senior lecturer of the Department of Theory and Practice of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism, Igor Alekseyevich Shilov from April 14 to April 21, 2019 in Magnitogorsk (Russia) at Magnitogorsk Technical University. GI Nosova at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sportsmanship a series of guest lectures and master classes were held as part of the academic mobility program. In the period from April 15 to April 18, lectures were held for students of the Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports Excellence in the discipline "Theory and methodology of selected sports (strength sports) and master classes for coaches of Magnitogorsk.

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