From April 15 to April 27 at the Faculty of Physical Education. sports and tourism held methodological seminars on writing articles in foreign scientific journals. The seminar was conducted by Professor, Director of the Marketing Department of the Free University of Burgas (Bulgaria), Candidate of Sociological Sciences Lina Anastasova. At lectures, the professor talked a great deal about the requirements for writing articles in international journals, demonstrated the structure of writing a scientific article, and showed examples of correct and incorrect writing. For each item of the proposed structure she analyzed the spelling in detail.

One of the priorities today is the academic mobility program for both students and teachers. This problem has become the key to the work of the round table. The round table was held on April 25. Teachers of the Theory and Practice of Physical Education, Sports and Tourism, Teaching and Educational Center of Physical Training of the Faculty of Physical Education, Sports and Tourism of Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute and Professor of the Burgas Free University (Bulgaria), Candidate of Sociological Sciences Lina Anastasova took part in the round table.

At the invitation of Kostanay State Pedagogical University, Faculty of Physical Culture, Sports and tourism was invited by the professor of marketing in the tourism industry Lina Anastasova, who since April 3 has been working with students of the specialty "Tourism". She considered the main topics of tourism marketing, including: Strategic marketing planning - the basics and stages of development; Strategic marketing analysis tools - SWOT and portfolio analysis; Marketing strategy development; Setting marketing objectives: long-term and short-term, quantitative and qualitative goals for the future.

In the period from March 29 to March 30, in Kostanay State Pedagogical University in the gym №2, as part of the open day, were held football competitions for the rector's cup among schoolchildren of the city’s colleges dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the KSPU. 6 teams participated in the competition: Secondary School No. 10, Secondary School No. 22, Secondary School No. 3, ZSL, Sports School, IPK. The teams divided 2 groups. On the day, the teams played matches in the group, 1 place guaranteed a place in the final, teams that took 2nd place play 3-4 places each other, the remaining 2 last teams took off from the tournament.

From March 1 to March 3, regional sports tourism competitions were held (ski tourism techniques). The event was organized by students and teachers of the Faculty of Physical Education, Sports and Tourism. The organization of the event was supported by the sports department of the akimat of Kostanay region and the regional center of PE and youth tourism. In general, 13 participating teams competed for top places, a record number in a long time. Competitions were held on the basis of Children's and Youth Sports School №3 for 2 days: 1 day - relay race; 2 day - obstacle course.

From March 2 to March 12, will be held student competitions within the framework of the International Universiade in winter sports in the Krasnoyarsk (Russia). These competitions have been held since 1992. During this period, the student team of Kazakhstan won over 84 awards at various levels. This year 95 athletes are represented at the International Universiade from Kazakhstan, and 10 of them are students of the Faculty of Physical Education, Sports and Tourism! More of us, students-sportsmen presented only the Academy of Sports and Tourism of Almaty.

From February 22 to 23 on the basis of Kostanay State Pedagogical University held a football competition for the cup of the rector of KSPU. 6 teams took part in the competition: Team of KSPU, KSPU-Zhastar, Avtodor, Team KSU, Team of industrial college, Team CSU Competitions were held for two days: qualifying February 22 and final games on February 23. In the final games of the cup, 4 teams met: KSPU, Avtodor, KSPU-Zhastar, KSU team: KGPU-Avtodor 4:2 KSPU-zhastar - KSU 4:2 KGPU-zhastar-Avtodor 5:2 KGPU - team KSU 3:3. In the battle for the first place, the team of KSU and KSPU came together with equal scores, and as a result, the team of KSU won on penalties (3:2).

February 23 in the Victory Park held city competitions in the technique of ski tourism. The event was organized by the Department of Theory and Practice of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism, with the support of the Kostanay Regional Center for Physical Culture. 11 teams took part in the competition: 5 teams from the 1st year students of the specialties Physical Education and Sport and Tourism and other teams from the city’s schools. The distance consisted of 9 stages. The total duration of the distance was 2 hours.

In the framework of the agreement between Kostanay State Pedagogical University and Magnitogorsk State Technical University named G.I. Nosov on the faculty of physical culture, sports and tourism was invited the head of the department of physical culture, candidate of biological sciences Tsapov Yevgeny Gennadyevich. He conducts the course of «Sports Physiology» for students of the 3rd course of the specialty "Physical Culture and Sport" from February 12 to February 16, 2019. When studying this discipline, students were introduced to the main issues of sports physiology, namely: Adaptation to muscle activity and functional reserves of the body.

From 15 to 16 February 2019, the city held the Festival of Ski Sports and the organization of massive ski launches "Health Ski Track-2019". The main goals and objectives of which were: the development of skiing in Kostanay, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle among the general population of the city, and the identification of promising athletes for the formation of a national team of the city. The festival was attended by: schools, colleges, universities, labor collectives and everyone. Among the teams of educational institutions were students of KSPU, KSU, KINEU, KSTU, Kostanay Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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